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Mystery E Sep 2018
Others would think its sad
A person that is a person like her, him or them
Wants to make a person miserable
You would of thought they had a good heart
All of this will make your heart cold
Instead of your heart being gold
Amanda May 2018
Even with the guy
Who owns the warmest heart, mine
Somehow still feels cold
What is wrong with me?
Ash Wilhelm May 2018
I broke you
I Shattered
What was left of your cold heart.

Well I simply made you believe that you were amazing, astonishing, capable of love. Capable of being a lover when your parents failed to show you. I fooled you into thinking that I was flawless, it is a talent of mine. A depressed man I found you, one filled with joy I made you, and left you a broken man with a manipulated heart.

I snatched your heart and kept it in my hand. A slippery one it was because I struggled to hold it day by day. I put it in my pocket when my hands got nervous and sweaty. It was pounding and breaking my concentration throughout the day. Racing, one million beats a millisecond.

But with anything, humanity gets tired of holding on to nice things. So I did what any cold hearted soul would do, I dropped it. Wait no. It slipped. Hold on no let me recall that day. Oh that’s right; I threw it.

Down it went, pieces were scattered all over the road and I watched the rain come and wash the entirety of it down the nearest sewage drain.

I then watched you in tears, desperately trying to put them back together. Your tears creating a river that was washing the pieces down the drain. My dear shouldn’t you be able to do this quicker? You’ve done it once before.
John Marneslow Apr 2018
Colder Still

In my life I have known love, loss, brokenness and betrayal. These things things are but a part of this lively vail. I accepted such things in hopes that I would prevail.
Though I’ve continued wandering through the misty avenues of life..I found only torment hurt and strife. All the while I heard a voice near at hush say...”you’ll grow colder still.”
I stood at many doors, yes doors to other hearts..I continued knocking, only to see them depart. So I stood in grief and began to lose my will...yet I heard the voice louder “you’ll grow colder still.”
As more years passed and people become more vain and conceited, I to my solitude and grief retreated... With my heart and with my will..the voice shouts now in command...”you’ll grow colder still!”
-John Marneslow
SeaChel Feb 2018
Letting them win,
all those who hurt you,
made you question yourself,
and put you down
isn't in the form of a wall.
Put your defenses up,
but remember to let it down
from time to time
for those who matter.

When their actions
freeze your heart through,
you turn as cold as they,
when you can't be content,
and happiness is all but a lie,
then that is
letting them win.
The Vault Sep 2017
Our hands met
Fire on ice
My ice cube hands melting in your warmth
Fire on Ice
Our love burst into flames
That became bigger as the flames burst
My fingers intertwined with yours
Gripping tighter
Getting warmer and warmer
My ice heart melting in your warmth
Melting in your hands
Fire on ice
Your burst of hot flames
My fingers wrapped around yours
Like a spider
I nested into you
Never wanting to part
But when we did
I ached for you again
Feeling icy
Until my hand met yours
Once again
Bisaal Jun 2017
I wish my heart was as cold as
atleast then,
I wouldn't love you as much as I do.

but then I look at you
and I change my mind.
'cause I see that your heart
is so much colder than antarctica
and I'd rather love you unconditionally
than have such a cold heart.
this poem ******...
Atoosa Apr 2017
I kissed you goodbye that rainy night
Under the Tree in the Sacred Garden
Not realizing as I left for my flight
I would never see my lover again

The man who swore undying love
Would soon be gone and in his place
A cruel cold coward I never dreamed of
To cancel promises and plans erase

Was Iceman inside you ready to strike
If ever anyone got too close?
Tearing down trust and faith alike
Punishing me  for loving you most
Still awaken to the reality of  shattered dreams.....small comfort to know the Sacred Tree still stands witness

" God will not have his work made manifest by cowards. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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