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Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
The truth is
I got tired of pretending
I was happy with you
When the part inside of me
That hated you so
Grew so much
That it couldn’t
Be contained
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
A wise woman once told me
“Don’t ever go to bed angry”
I knew we were wrong,
went to bed, closed the door
With anger towards you
In my head
Didn’t want you in my bed!
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
Is love cruel
To you?
Your love was cruel to me
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
Thinking your self worth
Is in dollar signs
Narcissists value money over people  including his own children
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
Anger is hurt
Hurt doesn’t
to be angry
Hurt can just be
Sadness can heal
But anger
And grows
It is ok to be sad, it is ok to get angey.  The problem is suppressing anger which just grows more anger. Love is always the answer especially self love
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
I tried to leave you many times
The loneliness swallowed me whole
Until I felt weak and beaten
You won, you were right
I believed the hateful words
you called me
I lost my self respect
You stripped me bare
Until the day came
When the truth exploded
Like the spirit within
The air
Is light
Without you
I can breathe
for the first time
Truth....when I kicked his *** out the air felt light like a feather
Rachelhopeful Jan 2020
I am a garden exploding with flowers,
Like a work of art
but your eyes were closed and
You didn’t care to listen to my thoughts,
You cursed me when I begged you to stop...
spelled your curse words...
Your so smart
I’m a landscape designer and really connect spiritually in the garden. I begged my narcissist to stop calling me names which included every name in the book. Once I started counseling, I demanded that he stop cursing me so he would spell out your a “B I T C H.” He’s an attorney so he thinks he’s smarter than everyone.
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