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Bekah Aug 9
I knew of a place
Where the night met day
And the stars danced freely
Under a warm sunshine ray

Where the cold and the warmth
Would perfectly intertwine
In a hypnotic rhythm
Catapulted through time

Where dark and light
Could both peacefully exist
Just beyond the horizon
In an altered state of bliss

I knew of a place
Where the night met day
Until a time came
When it was no longer that way
Emry Oct 2020
The set of the sun, and end of the day.
The fall into night, and into its fright.
When I hold you, everything is alright.
We’ll hug through the sun, through night and through day.
And, at the end of the day, I’d have it no other way
Poem about a friend's stories with self-harm that I wrote yesterday. Edit: early line break on this, too. "Day" isn't supposed to break.
What is the best time of day to love you?
When just below the horizon
The sun’s morning light warm the dew?
When just from slumber arisen
My first thought today is of you?

When sunlight bends grass to the east
And arcs to zenith in the sky?
Mid-morning my love is not least
Growing ever higher than high.

When my shadows all disappear
With the sun direct overhead?
At the noon it’s you I revere
More than I could have ever said.

When warmed by the hours of light
Each moment I have loved you more.
The sun recedes into the night
And I love you more than before.

When light of the night are my dreams,
Still loving a love that is real.
I can love you more now it seems,
And wake to recall how I feel.

When is the best time of day to love you?
No time is better than the rest.
I love you no matter the time.
For no time is better than best,
True love is a love too sublime.

— The End —