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EastWind Apr 2019
Most people would think..
Physical pain.
Scars that will mark you body.
Or maybe the sickness killing you,

Pain for my mother,
Would be loosing me.
The tears that flows from her eyes,
When her mother died.

Pain for me,
Would be every single day I open my eyes.
And remember I got no one to hold me.

Pain for me would be,
The moment my mother looked at me,
As I held her close,
In front of my grandmother's casket.
As they slowly lowered her to the ground.

The Pain for me,
Would be every perfect thing,
In my head that I Imagine.
Every moment that I feel like I belong,
When I had someone to be with me.

Because when I finally opened my eyes it was all gone,
The moment has ended.
And the person is gone.
Simone Gabrielli Oct 2017
Leave those New York blues behind
Forget the Chelsea Hotel
Living in LA's a lot like Heaven
With all the sins of hell.
Feliz G Sep 2017
I'll save you from your fears.
I'll save you from your tears.
I'll save you from your troubles,
But can I ask you to save me?
I love you Chelsea, I hope you know that.
Feliz G Sep 2017
Your song,

Can you hear it?

Your eyes,

A sparkle.

The melody of a twinkling star.

Your smile,

A shine.

The lyric of a moonlit river.

Your hair,

A softness.

The whisper in the wind.

Your song,

Can you hear it?
Oh Chelsea, dear Chelsea, will I be able to make you mine? A rebirth of a heartbreak, is what this is.
Meat Stevens Feb 2017
8th avenue ***
**** out on ground crankin one
Thanks de Blasio
Steve Feb 2017
My Auntie Elsie
Went to Chelsea
To see the flower show
But she pricked her nose
On a fragrant rose
She thought she’d like to grow.

© Copyright SE February 2017
Alex S Jan 2017
Take me back to Chelsea please
Where the flossed and glossed smile at me
And everyone’s kind to an open mind
That’s materialistic in design.
Where locals embrace me all open armed
Whenever I’m crinkling cash in my palms.
So eject me fast from this boorish ******
And take me back to Chelsea please.

Take me back to Chelsea please
Outside the city’s financial squeeze
Where mummy and daddy pay the cheques
For my escargots and Ready Brek.
I’ll wield through the system with the family name
And use all the power of my local fame.
Oh, to live life without la joie de fees
Come take me back to Chelsea please.

Take me back to Chelsea please
To put my social norms at ease.
I miss my measly excuse of friends
Who constantly ***** to make amends
For their failed entrepreneurial careers
Their dialect a hodgepodge of gobbles and sneers.
I long for their monotonous wheeze
So take me back to Chelsea please.

Chelsea, Chelsea you’re all I adore
From the A308 to the A304.
You’re the sole nirvana I can’t bear to depart,
Your femmes fatales know the paths to my heart.
But you will always have the its lock and key
So Chelsea: come and take me back please.
Chelsea Winter Apr 2016
Everything that has been happening so far is finally turning out somewhat okay,
Or maybe that's just me thinking that it is.

Today I stopped writing poetry, and just listened to music, and checked out poetfreak because it's full of drama and it's weird. I really like that site and the feel of that place. It's just how I imagined my favorite poem to be.
This is kinda my first poem, so sorry if it is not a great one. I just have no talent. But I figured I could try to write something for starters.

Author's notes:
Corrected a typo on April 14th...
Added few more commas and a 'because' to the first sentence of the second stanza. Hoping it's perfect now. *crosses fingers*
Courtney Gaura Dec 2015
Recently I've discovered that one of my peons was posted on tumblr without my permission. Although they did list my name as the writer I am upset about this and I don't know what to do. It is the first poem I posted, which is called Knighted Fools, and I don't know if they have done this to others. I'm going to list some that I find on this person's blog. Their blog is called  lil-blog-of-poetry
List of poems on there (again I don't know if they have been taken from this website or somewhere else. I also have not been able to reach the writer of this tumblr blog)
Possible Princess by Chelsea
New Year's  (Haiku #7) by Brittle Bird
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