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Kai Sep 2019
sweetened chamomile
settle me down now
and let me breathe
in and out again
away from today
I just need to settle myself after a long day sometimes.
Mae Jun 2018
The kettle sings
she dances towards me

she pours mine
and then her own

honey drips,
with hints of mint

spoons clank
I stir too fast
she breaks her biscotti
and gives me half

We cheers porcelin rims
she smiles at me
our day begins
Silverflame Jun 2017
I take occasional sips
from my favorite mug that
I've poured chamomile tea into.
It's strange how we
change through the years.
When I was younger I hated
chamomile tea, since my mum
made it when I was sick.
But now, it's one of my favorites.
I guess my soul is sickened of the
mundane world I live in,
and it needs something to
clam it down.
blue mercury May 2017
feathered daydreams
semantically encoded heartache
we all remember
i remember

where we came from
we never go back to again
rationalizing pain until it
becomes a drum
and it echoes

i fall down the stairs again
hit my face on the tile
and when my lip bleeds
it comes as a relief

two-pence for lovers
a penny for thoughts
shots of chamomile to chase the night time

butterfly beats
ba-dum ba-dum
like eyelids longing for greater ends

spit out that memory
pull it out of your ears
maybe it doesn't really
matter anymore
sometimes it's all grey.
cait Apr 2017
dripping in your love
i find myself licking each finger
and savoring the sweetness.

your approval tastes like chamomile,
blackberries, and melted icecream.
the taste of you is even sweeter.

to be here
drenched in your affection
is the most saccharine dream
i could ever hope to imagine.
Demonatachick Apr 2017
My future and my heart, I'll share them both with you, you're happyness my goal in life, nothing i wouldn't do.

To live amongst the countryside where we both enjoy the view, where birdsong greets the rising sun and the day begins anew.

We'd lay amoungst the scented grass and watch the sky change hue, as there's nowhere else I'd rather be than in the arms of you.
Chamomile kisses- chamomile is my favorite fragrance and i am lucky enough to have it growing on my lawn, summer has just begun here and when i lay outside i am enveloped by the scent of chamomile, hence the phrase "scented grass"

Sorry I haven't been posting in awhile , life has been playing it's hand,
Khalif Feb 2017
On the eighth day she coined the word Poetry
And I savored the syllables, dipped them in silence,
Just so I could remember a time before her.
A time where I didn’t know, and she didn’t tell me.

I threw away an empty box of tea,
The blue label read, Chamomile
A mug sat on the counter, never a chance
To plead half empty
                                      or half full.

She sang without opening her mouth –
A foreign language. And I savored the syllables
But don’t remember what they tasted like.
Something calming perhaps.

Maybe one day I’d be able to speak her tongue.
Then she wouldn’t need to tell me.
I’d find a new box of chamomile,
And savor the syllables.
Neath Oct 2014
She was one of the passengers that passed away in a train collision yesterday

I walk these barren streets carrying the newspaper, with her name on the front page

As I walk, I am saddened to see her name being used to wrap fish at
the market

I am saddened to see her name being stuffed into gift bags at
the toy store

I am saddened to see her name littered all across the streets without
anyone caring


I am finally happy to see her name being wrapped around a bouquet
of chamomiles

She always loved chamomiles...
They may not be important to others but to you they can mean the world.

— The End —