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cait Feb 2018
overflowing with love

now here I am
trying to pull myself from this drought

I miss drowning
I’m trying to remember what it was like
cait Oct 2017
i miss myself.

the smell when i got out of the shower
my laugh
looking in the mirror and smiling
telling people i love them

when did being myself become something that wasn’t important anymore?
where did i leave myself?
cait Jul 2017
my life has been a drought
spent waiting for a storm.
to fix me
and bring life.
now here you are,
showering me with love.

when will I be okay again?
trying to find who I am
cait Jun 2017
each ventricle in the heart
is supposed to do a job
but never mix their contents.

we form a heart.
filled with love, blood, and life.
but we are never allowed to mix.

we are in rhythm
separate we are together.
I wish more than anything that we could mix.
cait Jun 2017
you make me want to kiss one thousand
other people.
so that maybe for a split second
i could forget how much i love you.

but why would i give myself up?
you are all i want.
cait Apr 2017
soft yellow glow
surrounding you
a halo.

each curve
so delicate
like clouds.

the smile
you give to me
pure sunlight.

my heaven.
my love.
you are here forever
waiting to welcome me  
into safety.
you are where i belong
cait Apr 2017
dripping in your love
i find myself licking each finger
and savoring the sweetness.

your approval tastes like chamomile,
blackberries, and melted icecream.
the taste of you is even sweeter.

to be here
drenched in your affection
is the most saccharine dream
i could ever hope to imagine.
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