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Mae Sep 2019
I want to wish you the happiest day

I want to know
how many candles laced your treat
and if you made a wish before they ceased
I want the phone to ring
so we can replay
bourbon infused memories
I want every eye that looks this way
To be as blue as yours are
on any given day
I want to know if you miss it here
Or like it there
Or if you're still unhappy everywhere
I want the phone to ring
So I can wish you the happiest day
Mae Jun 2018
My dreams are alive
I am awake

Eyelids weighted
Body limp
It falls asleep

My mind is awake

My heart sinks
My chest is tight
My breath is shallow


"Wake up"
"Wake up"
"Please wake up"

I launch my body forward
And force my eyelids open
I gasp for air

I am awake
Mae Jun 2018
The kettle sings
she dances towards me

she pours mine
and then her own

honey drips,
with hints of mint

spoons clank
I stir too fast
she breaks her biscotti
and gives me half

We cheers porcelin rims
she smiles at me
our day begins

— The End —