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Neath Nov 2015
Life used to be wonderful.

Then it became ******.

Then it became beautiful.

When she came to me.
Make it last...
Neath Apr 2015
She had lost me the moment she realized she didn't love me anymore.

She left me in the lost and found...

All I did was wait, waiting to be found again...
Love always finds a way.
Neath Apr 2015
Always have a view where the sky is forever visible.


Because we're going to see the full moon together tonight.
Neath Mar 2015
She loves to hold onto truths that were never meant for her...
Neath Mar 2015
Her heart is made up of candles that are always easily blown out by those that she loves so dearly.
Neath Feb 2015
She was the only one that was able to bring me closest to the stars.

She's gone off and left me in the nightened sky.

Left there, floating amidst the clouds.

Now I wait for the eternal sunshine to rise.
Neath Feb 2015
I held onto her hand tightly, guiding her through a field of lilies .
The sun shining bright as we weave through.
She stops and let's go of my hand.
I turn around and stare into her blue eyes, words escape her lips.
"I can't..."
Thus engraved in my mind an image of a thousand lilies.
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