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Nik Bland Sep 2018
And I saw candles in the skylight
That forced me to look outward
Their flickered flames in twilight
Made is so there was not an echoed word

I looked upward, onward
At a world ending above me
As if a deaf man’s silence as he hears
The first strings of a symphony

Under that purple and crimson sky
The masses joined my gaze
Looking to horizons, not one eye dry
As endless candles floated in the haze

The sun it set, or did it burst?
A gasp, a rush, then no more
As candles fell from darkened sky
And set fire to the floor

But I will remember the penultimate
The flickered flames in technicolor sky
The beauty near the ending for which I was present
As all and all and all said goodbye
Sometimes endings are the most beautiful things in the world. Biting into a bittersweet fruit that was only meant to be tasted once, then ultimately lost...
It is a strange moment -
a change in the wind, perhaps? -
a shift ever so slight
when I discover
that the next time your eyes drift skyward
and you brightly propose,
"It's nearly the season
for us to go stargazing!"
I will not wander through the valleys
of misplaced envy, grace, and doubt,
before laughing, sighing, and shrugging,
"Yes! We should! Well... Goodnight!"
That instead
I will send my eyes aloft
to meet those flecks of dreams and dew,
before laughing, sighing, and shrugging,
"Well... How about tonight?"
Good to be one in the chemical world !!
But the real world ~ make believe
It takes more than to be a  
catalyst !!
Change is inevitable ,
why resist!!
Catalyst in the chemical world accelerates the chemical reaction, but it keeps its chemical properties intact.
Whereas in the real world we become catalysts to some people and some people can be to us , so change is inevitable to all , so why resist.
As far as it is positive, it should happen 'change'
Posting this again , had deleted it earlier.
Can't see new poems on the homepage .
Äŧül May 2016
I thought till yesterday,
She was true anyhow,
Even as she ditched me.

But now a ****** name is here,
The Catalyst,
She was cheating me.

In search of the greater good,
She dumped me back then,
But she got back what she gave.

"The Catalyst",
Chose someone else,
Someone better looking.

She is never satisfied with herself,
Always looking for more beauty,
Physical beauty is what she sought.

And look at the comedy of life,
Sharvish sought the same,
He found someone more beautiful.

She was served rightly,
For her unfaithfulness,
For ditching true love for fakeness.
My HP Poem #1068
©Atul Kaushal
Elaina Feb 2017
Be the catalyst
Summon strength from deep within
Motivating all
T R Wingfield Jan 2017
Are we lost to a land of too many tribes,
  Too many choices, of too many scales,
  Too many communities of which to

  Could we be better off fractured and scattered
  Left shattered like glass by the highway
  A shimmering reminder to the wayward passerby,
  All is not lost though we

  Could that we be merely cast assunder
  Ground into dust and decimated by ritual fire,
  Then wrung from colluding liquified minds

  T­o form as before but free from parameters previously applied
  Forgotten in the furnace of insanity and strife
There is a group of words in my mind I cannot seem to seperate.  The title represents two of the interior, juxtaposed outside the form of another poem.
It begins as a rumination on the disconnect between generations and geography made so starkly apparent by the recent election, and exacerbated by the duality of social media: it can isolate and embitter an individual in and toward their local community, while at the same time connect and embolden them with a global ego/echo chamber. It sat as one stanza for many months, until I decided to share it. It seemed hollow to pose such vague commentary, and not even attempt to address it, which catalyzed its creation and completion.
Renée Casey Aug 2015
carbon date me.
trace me back to my beginning.
my inception.

find the catalyst that brought me to this point.
to the me that exists in this moment
on this day

this point in the linear graph titled "MY LIFE"

trace it...
wait. stop.

that's it.
the metamorphosis point.
the moment this me began.

the unfolding of potentials,
the unweaving of my chrysalis.
the opening of avenues of thought and energy.

right... there.

it's you.
complexify Jul 2016
my mind is fickle
constantly changing

some that know me
might say that i am indeed
the most annoying person
they ever met

and some others
might say i'm a kind one.

my mind is volatile
it never sticks around
you might say i'm a calm person
the next day
the most turbulent person
on the entire planet.

hypocrisy maybe?
i don't think so.

a hypocrite doesn't have a stable stance
they tend to be fake
towards others
and towards their own self.

i'm everything but fake
and i know exactly who i am.

i'm ever-changing
and i'll always will be.
recently, my mind is going empty. i cannot focus in my studies and i feel empty all the time. i cannot even think about one single poem.  i guess i need a catalyst to start writing again so here it is,m sorry if it's so stupid.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Sometimes depression hits me like a ton of bricks
And when that happens the blood runs thick
I'm trying to find reasons for my life story to go on
Maybe this will be my final song
Think I'll just take the razor and bleed along
I'm tired of the darkness
This might be my catalyst
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