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Sam May 2018
My British beauty
Practically perfect,
Positively poised,
Delicate but strong,
Gentle but fierce.
My British beauty,
When they spat in your face
And told you no,
You told them not,
But showed them what you could.
My British beauty,
Sculpted a family with her bare hands
Took from herself to give to us,
Molding and changing with time
Time is cruel.
Time takes everything you have- and then some.
My British beauty,
When they took your brain,
Your memory and life
You fought to hold on
I wanted you to hold on.
Please just hold on.
My British beauty,
Becausy first it was times and dates,
But now you can’t recognize my face.
My British beauty,
I know you’re hurting
But he is hurting too
You are a prisoner in your own mind
And he can not find the key
My British beauty,
He could not save you,
Not from this,
You left and so did a part of him.
My British beauty,
When he tells me not to fall in love,
That the pain of loss is too much,
My British beauty
I remind him of what you left,
Because it is not what you lost, it’s what is left to love,
My British beauty,
No matter where you go,
On Earth or the heavens above.
My British beauty,
You will always be home.
Just a few hours ago, I felt so good to see sun instead of rain
Now the wet, grey skies bring melancholia back again
This winter has felt eternal, blizzards from Siberia
Is it any wonder that the sun brings on hysteria ?
We are not a nocturnal species, we need to see sunlight
We need at least occasionally it's glow to feel alright
If there was a sunshine drug, I'm sure that I'd be hooked
I am ****** I do not tan. It's not about how I look
It just feels so good to feel that warm, orange glow
With being British it's not something that I have had much time to know
I'm cold turkeying for sunshine, I'm rattling like ****
I wish my celestial dealer would sort it out, so I can get a hit
I can't wait for summer !
The Mother, gets Father
to crush them when
they are babies.

Father always wanted too
crush them anyways,
While Momma, she...

Tamed him, Father; see?
By giving them over
to be crushed
some day.

...always defer to some other camp,
put it in VEGAS terms...
focus on and then to say,
Revolve your mind
turn around.

Jack Winstone Jan 2018
He shakes his head
and tries to clear his mind.
Getting worried in the moment,
'I'm sure i was feeling fine'.

Perception becomes twisted,
Truth becomes lies.
Paranoia is knocking,
He's broken all logical ties.

He checks behind
to see who follows.
A chill down the spine,
inside he's  hollow.

Sense is hard to find.
This fire started from a spark.
The pressure inside his mind,
Stretching and tearing the world apart.

They all leave impressions.

'No need to be dramatic'.

They don't know.
They never will.
They think its a lie.
'I was sure i was feeling fine'.
This is meant to be relatable and an eye-opener at the same time, relatable in a sense that some things can be twisted by ones mind but an eye-opener to those who believe that mental health is dismissable.
Northern Poet Oct 2017
You'll eat meat
And love a bacon sarnie
When you're ******
You'll smash a biryani
But when it comes to
Chopped pork, rinds and ham
No one wants to eat spam

In the Great War
We survived on rations
And beat zee Germans
With ******* passion
The lads didn't complain
About what they had to eat
Whether it was a le carte
Or mashed-up meat
But these days
That's not your jam
And no one wants to eat spam

It's great in a fry up
And ******* lovely in a butty
Get the kettle on
And get comfy
And enjoy
A cup of ******* tea
And eat your spam
Perfect with ketchup or HP
And don't complain
That it ain't real meat
Just get it in your gob
And enjoy this tasty treat

But most of you
Are to blame
And like the majority
Don't think it's the same
You're into avocados
Poached eggs and all that
And can't stand the thought
Of a chopped pig in a can
When you were young
You should've listened to your nan
Now it's a ******* shame
No one wants to eat spam
Trevor Locke Sep 2017
Standing in the garden
light rain spitting on my face
I puffed a roll-up and thought
my whole life has been a series of days

When I was baby I slept a lot
and then I was awake
I had no idea that I was alive
let alone that life was series of days

As an infant I woke in the morning
and stayed awake all day
till it was time to sleep again
if I was lucky in my way

As a child I knew each day was different
There were good days and there were bad
but most days were just days
when nothing happened.

I became a teenager
and getting through each day
could be a struggle at times.
Some days were milestones along the way.

As an adult I found that I could count
on some days being great,
like the day I got married, the day I started a job
or the day I moved into my first house.

I asked myself: 'how many days I have I been alive?'
Simple: that's just 365 times 67
that's 24,455 as of now.
That's seems like a lot. Wow!

Most are just ordinary days,
average days when little happens
but then there are the big days
the ones I will always remember.

I do not remember the day I was born.
I shall not remember the day that I die.
But in between there are so many
and some I would prefer to forget.

Some I have written down in diaries
others I have photos to remind me.
Some I have souvenirs to keep
and some are vague, mysterious recollections.

Each has a set routine of waking up
doing a lot of things again
that were the same as yesterday
and then something happens...

something big that stands out from all the rest
when life went off on a different path
(sometimes these are some of the best)
and some are just an incredible laugh.

But some are steeped in sadness,
tears, regret, unmet ambitions
lost longings, unrequited desires
and moments of astonishing madness.

But as you draw nearer to death
each day is an astounding success
not just because you are still alive
but because you add it to all the rest.
Chloe Aug 2017
i can see what these lads are doing
they're after a *******
i look a state
atleast i'm in this with my best mate
"excuse me"
i overhear
from the girl with the can of beer
"can i pinch some gear"

my peers are fazing
their eyes are gazing
i've lost my bank card
atleast i didn't get bared
"don't smack me in the ear"
i overhear
from the guy fighting with his peer
"let's not start fighting here"

gyspy flicking lighters
we were the all  nighters
chanting on the nightclub flighters
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