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The heaven hurled the sun —
Eternity for me —
And steady Chariot merged from **** —
Then threw the dust in sea —

For justice was to die —
The Orchards all had known —
Executor reposed the blade
That feebled to the bone —
To constitute a letter —
It takes a — century —
But just an hour to recognize
The — Insufficiency —

As far as — Night grows weak —
The voyagers could sail —
And indicate the Wasted stars —
And then — expect to fail —

I had a daily thing to do,
Which hardest to recall,
To consummate the spider
It took a year to fall.

Her webs had hurled the ceiling,
Another one, she caught!
And gave it for the children
When sustenance has brought.  


If I could take the failure,
What sweetest joy I 'll have!
I 'll, then, send a thousand deer,
At least! To tell my kind.

Antlers brought their messages;
They brewed a lot of them,
That Mother Nature asked me why.
"To live!" so I exclaimed.  


I rather hide in bonnet
Before the strange cocoon
That was subsided
Down the brooch,
To where the diamond.
So many of the visitors
Arriving by the door;
Ten of them were riches,
But all of them were poor.


O' marshes!
Swallow up the gale
Which farthest I could hear,
Ne'er I belong such privilege
By myrtle over there.
Recollecting where the pod
To whom I left behind,
The continent,
The humble swamps,
Surpassing us again.


Silently, I leaped beyond
And just the dull raccoon,
Who stole the kernel as it played
In garden, yet was gone.

'T was the latter sunlight,
'T was the man today,
That when the bashful voice came in
The creature escaped away.
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