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Mind Matterer Apr 2019
Head placed upon the middle of your pillow,
leaving a circular dent surrounding it-
Your pigtails on the side,
tied in pink and red bows.

An attire of frilly, cotton, pyjamas,
tainted with dainty flowers-
a total of 32 spastically placed.

Filled with frills and pixie dust,
along with the shards of glass
-lined with blood.

Thinking back,
On the beauty of the moments,
Of the innocence that once filled your mind-
gently placed upon the pillow
lined with delicate lace,
beneath your frail, fazed face.
Judypatooote Mar 2015
In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it.
An Easter bonnet on every girls head
Pink, green, yellow and some times red...

Some had bright flowers, set on the side
Others had ribbon, wrapped around and tied...

It was a beautiful sight, those colorful hats
Setting pretty on moms, daughters, and sometimes the cat...

By ~ judy

Every cat should have a hat...

— The End —