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  Jan 28 Bekki
You are not perfect

Just real

Bekki Jan 27
The words feel empty
as you spit them out
Not the first time
you've whispered along
old rhymes
like a lullaby
but the feelings pour through.

They've soothed you before,
You hope they will again
I use music to relax
  Jan 27 Bekki
It happens.
Sometimes it feels so good, the adrenaline rush for the adrenaline ******.
Sometimes you hate yourself more than you did before.
The sweet yet incriminating taste of relapse.
It happens.
Bekki Jan 27
stomping against the tufts -
older than me
The knots
of a time long passed
I walk down
I walk down

Stinging kiss
of a nettle leaf against
my knees; unprotected
I walk down
I walk down

Brambles tug
my hair and arms
but I am rewarded
with the crisp tartness
of a berry.
  Jan 27 Bekki
divinity m
i’ve sunken my ship that you’re on
and now it won’t ever sail in this storm.
and i don’t care if i drown
because you’ll drown in this gale too.
you always said blood is thicker than water
but do you believe that now
that water fills your lungs?
Bekki Jan 27
My handwriting
                                      is like a portmanteau of my parents'

I think it fits,

but sometimes

                                            I wish it was different.

I guess that's just the way things are.
But I can change.
Couldn't decide which version I preferred!
Bekki Jan 27
the same trails as ever
But different now
They feel ancient
But the tarmac and paving says otherwise
So much is different now.
The road my granny used to live on feels foreign now.
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