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Fox Friend Nov 2017
Bad Days plague the calendar. They come barging in without warning and I am left to beg.

Please, God, no.

So much needs to get done today, it simply cannot be a Bad Day.

The calendar laughs, arm in arm with the disease of the Bad Day. They dare me to stand up against the weight, but I can't see far enough past them to find the motivation or strength the effort to rise requires.
If only I could stretch my neck to lift my head upwards, I might be able to see the light and love and outstretched hands just beyond reach.
But I do not know what to look for, and even the thought of beginning the search of some foreign thing drains me, so my eyes close in defeat and the Bad Day reigns again.

Bad Day: infinity
Me: zero
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
hsc Dec 2015
Eventually all these
Negative things will pile up and
She'll lose her mind.
She has nothing to live for.
So why doesn't she cry?

They hate her and probably wish they never had her.
She's sorry.
She's sorry for it all.

If she ended her life right now,
Neither of them would even shed a tear.
For all their sadness, grief and unhappiness,
Would be gone...

At her own hand.
And she'd regret it not.
For now, at least, she can be at peace.
She CAN be loved and she will.

And there, at least,
She won't be thinking suicidal thoughts.
I wrote this the 31st October, sorry for the late upload, just been very busy. This poem was an actual description of how I felt that day
B P Aug 2015
There's good days
and bad days
one day the world is sunny
but the next on my shoulders

I can laugh and smile and enjoy the day
be with my friends and feel good
ignore my flaws
smile, not cry

but when I am alone
the sadness drowns me
the pain engulfs me
the mirror pains me
the tears escape me

There's good times
and bad times
I've felt sad for so long
but I can still smile
I hold on to that.
Cat Fiske May 2015
I wake each day,
not to say,
"try to be happy"


I wake each day,
to say,
"try to be less sad?"

and being less sad,
less steep drops,
on sad days,
when trying to be happy,

and trying to be happy,
consists of less advanced,
but a constant setback.
every sad day,

I just try to find the one good thing,
and think about that,
rather then,
all the bad things,
eating at me all day long.
Less sad came up with the idea while texting
Adriaan Harms May 2015
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Why did my day,
turn out blue too?
I feel sad,
I feel depressed,
It's like a burning pain in my chest.
My day won't get better,
my day won't get worse,
It actually feels like a depression curse.
I could be sleeping,
but I'd rather write a long, deep, depressed letter.
I won't say to who,
I won't say to you.
It's just a letter
saying it won't get better.
Writing my pain down on a piece of paper,
is actually much easier than to say "No, later."
Written because of a good day gone wrong.
I thought of how it seems like,
Oh let's make Chloe feel crap day.
Then I remembered that it's Thursday.
So yeah,
It really is.
It's always Thursdays.
Sometimes Thursdays have been fine.
But when a day of the week hasn't been fine,
It's been a Thursday.
I don't know why.
Thursdays should be good.
I have good lessons that day.
It just seems like,
Everything's against me then.
No, not people.
It's just feelings.
They appear from nowhere,
With no reason to be here.
No it's not very extreme,
But it's my less good days.
It's a Thursday.
Ember Evanescent Dec 2014
If you had a bad day today
I just wanted to remind you
That you are wonderful
And you are worthy of life
I am here if you need to talk
I am here if you need to vent
Nothing anyone ever says
Nothing that ever happens
Is worth tearing yourself apart over
because this life
is yours
don't let society
take your life
away from you
you are a beautiful soul :)
To the people who had a bad day today
Juliet Escobar May 2014
Stuck in a whole
Filled with waters that are made of
Fear, sadness, & infinite desolation

I have no fight
I'm giving up on myself
& everything is supporting my forfeit

When she leaves I miss her
But after she's gone for a day or 2 maybe 3 I feel empty again
I can't let myself get distracted from what is good and revert to my hurt as always

I feel comfortable in this hurting desolating state I revert to on days like these

I'm killing myself, am I a *******? She makes me happy, so I torture myself because she won't do it?

— The End —