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Gianni Apr 2019
I cant escape
My life’s ******
My mind won’t take a break

And broken
Is all I feel
Wounds and scars
That will never heal

Feels like I’m drowning
While everyone’s breathing
Gasping for air
While everyone’s looking
Reaching out
And no one is helping
Fighting for my life
All I know is this suffering

No handouts and no savior here
I see emptiness when I look in the mirror
I see this life as a reflection of self
No home no heart
Cant relate to anyone else

I know I’m not the only one
With his finger on the trigger of a gun
I know I’m not the only one
That’s felts this way and wanted to give up

You’re not alone
Let these words be your home
Let this feeling help you to know
We all feel the same
It’s all part of the show

Why is life ****** up like this
Worse and worse
Is all it gets
Like a sick joke
Made at our expense
One day we’ll win
And it’ll all make sense
Gianni Apr 2019
I’ve got a one way ticket and my name on the door
It’s a room in hell and Ive been there before

Punishment as cruel as it gets
My mind won’t sleep and my soul won’t rest
No signs to ever show
How painful it is
I hope you never know

Only one solution in sight
Will I ever be forgiven for giving up the fight
Will anyone ever notice what was in plain sight
Silent screams go unheard right before your eyes
Will my name be stained forever more
Is it just my fate
Another name on the door

My chest hurts and my eyes are weak
I can feel the weight of the world crashing down on me
A dark abyss opens up to see
Finally revealing my true destiny
My mind sleeps, my heart weeps
Never went into anything with cold feet
gravity tried to hold on to me
A split second turns to tragedy
I don’t fly I fall into reality
Will it forever haunt me
Or finally set me free
Lipi Mar 2015
I was lying in the dark
the floor was cold
the water pool marked
not only my clothes
but also the moment
in which this is told
the moment in wich
my small life got poled.
I was told it would burn my eyes
I was told to open them
but the gap I created
was not known to man
that liquid brought sharp pain
pain like acid tears, no like acid rain
hitting down my eye globe
whipping down my sight code
ripping down the kicking dawn
that was just my inside load.
Now I see a light tho'
I think, when I see fights, "go"
Because running  away from
day to day insn't right... no...
An ayahuasca ritual included a new eye dropper thing that I didn`t know, but I liked it.
when I am high the world is different.
lifted up I rise,
I dance with the flowers,
but sometimes the trees hiss at me.
when I am high my animal spirit comes out.
I am a tiger,
I fight with both paws,
but walk so elegantly and quiet I am not noticed.
when I am high I am of nothing but indifferent to the world,
I can see the way the ocean calls for the sky.
I can understand and speak to the animals.
when I drink this tea I am high.
this liquid is all it takes for me to belong in a world at all.
to understand the true meaning of life.
this is an ancient tea made for "healing and spiritual journeys" but in the modern world it is a strong psychedelic like tea. the trip is so worth the trouble of getting it.
AD Mullin Nov 2014
she gets you
always a rattle before she strikes

in vitro

are you starting to get it?

getting high in
something not in short supply

the serpent’s vine
so divine

and healing

sharpening intuition
bringing to fruition
and feeling

fire medicine

a single entity
going round and round
seeking peace

the snake of life
she gets you
always a rattle before she strikes
Broadcasting from the Vesuvio Cafe
Harley Hucof Nov 2014

Words Of Harfouchism
armon Sep 2014
Cosmic serpent
Flies in circles
Orbits earths
Visits vessels
Stings and wrestles

Prowls the plain
The desert arrangements
Faces fire no fear
Takes one look at the spider

Sees through the fire
Undresses the only envy
The necessity plenty
Of spiraling ascent

To meaning manifest
A plunge into the nest of the fortune cookie prophecies

Fate pulled from a hat
In the terraforming visions of the seven breasted harpy speech devours itself
The visioneer’s ouroboros precludes ovals of assimilation clinging tight to the exoteric
The vessel rejects the half digested
An ammonia laden upheaval

Dispelling folderol with blinding reverence
Inviting tragedy with nostalgic foresight
Wet nightmares
Logic abandons the visioneer ****** into the opposite of static
on ayahuasca
Truth be told, I was skeptical.
Was this worth the cowry shell equivalent?
My mind was a dry skin covered foot caught on a fleece blanket.
My tongue, lined with the taste of that earthy bile.
Distant isles between Alaska and Ayahuasca,
but it all comes rushing back. Jungle visions.
               ­              sickly      
                ­                                     toward
                                                          ­         the
                                                             ­              teetering  
                                                     ­                                      ethereal
                                                        ­                                                  edge.
She's once again lined with that finespun glow.
I'm once again letting the little things go.
She's letting me know for the very first time.
I'm struggling to find words for the very last rhyme.
       ­     tip-toed
                                           ­                       the
                                                       ­     elephantine.
Lick your wounds, traveler.
Set your eyes to the pale star's gleam.
Dogma unraveller
with an elementary scheme.
We are nature's instruments.
We are watchers in the night.
Softened slightly by the dissonance
of the dearly departed Wight.
He's slipping in and out.
Orbium linguam avium.
Labra lege: hic sunt dracones.
Let us dine on cremated elves.
     m sw ll   w  ng sw rds   nd st rs.
R zn hdzooldrmt hdliwh zmw hgzih.
I a         a  o   i          o      a         a  .
I am swallowing swords and stars.
.ecnatsbus em evig dna eniltuo ym nekraD
.savnac eruza siht otno seye s'ti tsac dluow nuS eht hsiw I
?suhpysiS fo redluob eht I mA
.noitcerid gnorw eht ni gnilbmut no peek I
We're sailing on the calmest of waters,
but there is not a drop to drink.
Bad news for the boy who only rejects omens.
I will not hang a dead bird around my neck.
Retrace the lace and my hazy days of habit,
then let me know your honest opinion.
Exhibit an execution by exsiccation of the most exuberant exiles.
Or am I the only one who's thirsty?
                                                      ­                      Who here is the ghost?
I know **** well it's not me.
                                                             ­                            Who said that?
I know I did.
                                                            ­                                        Didn't I?
Couldn't be.                                                              ­            
                                                    ­                                                    Am I?No.                                  
                         ­           Hopper, this isn't sinking in.
I am not a liar.




I was supposed to be writing something down.
Some kind of secret; some kind of rune.
Can you help me find our primal core?
Your carnal truths are mine to keep.
Weren't you supposed to be going somewhere?
The flea burrow, no, The Doubling House.
For in those halls of mold and paper walls
your memories were uneagerly forged.
It's time to shed your summer skin
and begin to eat with your hands.

— The End —