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Gianni 6d
These words are a product of my sadness
A coping mechanism to all this madness
Do we accept the love we think we deserve?
Why am I only creative when I’m at my worst?
React or stay calm when that line is crossed
Was there ever any trust before it was lost?
A short poem isn’t enough to describe
The thing I always held on to
My suffering and pain inside
At any sign of discomfort a voice reminds
Of the easy way out, one way ticket to the other side
Does it matter at this point
When I’m full of anger
And all I do is disappoint
Gianni Apr 15
Half way around the world
Tryin to find myself
Only wishin to stay
away from everyone else

Strength in solitude
What can you do for you
Can you give enough
Just to get yourself through

I’ve been doubted and opposed
By those scared to live
But how I can I stay in one place
When I have so much to give

Put down enough times  
I learned to neglect
Any ignorant opposition
It has no effect
Gianni Apr 12
I cant escape
My life’s ******
My mind won’t take a break

And broken
Is all I feel
Wounds and scars
That will never heal

Feels like I’m drowning
While everyone’s breathing
Gasping for air
While everyone’s looking
Reaching out
And no one is helping
Fighting for my life
All I know is this suffering

No handouts and no savior here
I see emptiness when I look in the mirror
I see this life as a reflection of self
No home no heart
Cant relate to anyone else

I know I’m not the only one
With his finger on the trigger of a gun
I know I’m not the only one
That’s felts this way and wanted to give up

You’re not alone
Let these words be your home
Let this feeling help you to know
We all feel the same
It’s all part of the show

Why is life ****** up like this
Worse and worse
Is all it gets
Like a sick joke
Made at our expense
One day we’ll win
And it’ll all make sense
Gianni Apr 11
I’ve got a one way ticket and my name on the door
It’s a room in hell and Ive been there before

Punishment as cruel as it gets
My mind won’t sleep and my soul won’t rest
No signs to ever show
How painful it is
I hope you never know

Only one solution in sight
Will I ever be forgiven for giving up the fight
Will anyone ever notice what was in plain sight
Silent screams go unheard right before your eyes
Will my name be stained forever more
Is it just my fate
Another name on the door

My chest hurts and my eyes are weak
I can feel the weight of the world crashing down on me
A dark abyss opens up to see
Finally revealing my true destiny
My mind sleeps, my heart weeps
Never went into anything with cold feet
gravity tried to hold on to me
A split second turns to tragedy
I don’t fly I fall into reality
Will it forever haunt me
Or finally set me free
Gianni Apr 11
Colder than ice
I can’t believe it
Like the tip of a knife
I can feel it
It slips right through
I can’t believe I ever trusted you

Never again will I make that mistake
Now my mind is filled with hate
Stress and pain won’t leave my side
I have no idea how I’m still alive

Dont ever pray for me
You could’ve helped while I was on my knees
Face first, into the dirt
You were never there when all I felt was hurt

I’ve grown beyond this strife
Never to forget who left me behind
I still look for peace
Deep inside of me
I hope one day
This pain will set me free
Gianni Apr 10
If your controlled by fear
You will never give
If you scared of life
You will never live

When everything is wrong
There’s no strength to go on
No place to rest your head
No place to call your home

I’ve been there before
In fact I never left
My heart somehow still beats
Inside this steel chest

Broken knuckles show
The scars of our past
Fight through this pain
Feels like I’m chewin glass

Tell me how much are left
Cuz I’m not givin up
Til my last breath

Can you see the end
Will we be at peace somehow
Or only when we’re dead

I’ll never believe
That my life was meant to be
Who the **** thought that being born
Would finish happily

is it all a joke
Should we take it seriously
Or should we just give up
And finally be free

— The End —