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Henry Akeru Apr 2018
Smells like heaven 

Yet it burns like hell.

This gasoline love of yours;

The soot as it burns 

has blinded me well.

When Our lips brushed..

And we purge with passions

Your love like gasoline

explodes my shredded senses.

Whenever Supple Skin meets.

When I spread my arms

It flirted into space.

This gasoline like love

Snakes ghostly like sneaky steam.

smoking out of my Embrace.

Just like a match

My destiny is to burn

Your gasoline love

Consumed my essence 

Producing a red torch of my destiny.
Elioinai Aug 2016
My heart is a golden garden
Full blown roses
tight little buds
of oranges
Pinks and Rosy reds

my favorite purple hues
Each one opened at the subtle cues
of careful human touch

Each friend has opened their own treasured flower
a monument, a bright colored tower
to a love that will span through the ages of life
bringing light to my garden
even at night
There are so many ways to describe the beautiful, unique way I love each of my dearest friends
Ashley Nicole Apr 2016
She carefully creased the corners,
Bookmarking her favorite parts.
Because the words on those pages
Seemed to touch her heart.
Aniya lent me a book and I noticed she does what I do
Ashley Nicole Feb 2016
Children of the Moon!
Abandon your worn shoes
And frolic freely, barefoot
In Her midnight light;

Let down your lovely locks
And bare your ashen skin
To allow Her celestial lips
Kiss your collar bones;

Let Her blanket of shadows
Drape over your shoulders,
While She crowns you with
A headdress of night diamonds.
Nighttime is when the battered souls unveil themselves
and the Moon welcomes them with open arms.

Wrote this while listening to
Bravado by Lorde on loop.
uzzi obinna Feb 2016
If there be a place where peace is found,
Whether above the mountains or underground,
There will my spirit, soul and body abound;

If there be a place where i will find rest,
Where my spirit, soul and body won't be oppressed,
Then such a place will be my best;

As trials and troubles leaves me in dismay,
I searched and searched but found no other way,
Except for your grace that leads me each day;

Thank you Lord for all that you've done,
Although i avoided you since when i was born,
You ignored it all and made me your son.
I drew my inspiration from Asley to write this.
Ashley Nicole Nov 2015
We are all ballerinas
Tying our broken, battered toes
Into pretty, pink satin slippers
its all about hiding and pretending it doesn't hurt
Robin Ashley Sep 2015
I had a dream the other day I ran into a doctor, lawyer and a constable,
We came to an agreement that I  had lost some part of me and that "I" am totally responsible;
Then I had another dream I ran into a doctor, cousolor and a poet,
We came to an agreement there's certain things you just don't delegate but before then I didn't know it!
So now I'm taking six weeks off and explaining  why is basically the moral of this little rhyme,
I have to find that item I lost instead of intertaining getting high and ******* all the time!
There's a lot of back stepping I must do I could have lost it anywhere,
It's a powerful asset I've always had but I lost it somewhere over this past year.
It might be right next to you or me so please look around do you see it?
This is a necessary part of me I really need so I just can't ignore or say so be it.
I must retrace my steps to lead me back to what once led me to here,
To fix that error of my past when I lost the virtue of my despair.
Now a broken bone heals in six weeks and so I think this is a realistic amount of time,
This is a personal excursion I must take because believe me I feel all of your pain combined.
I have to find my virtue the disposition to keep on doing the right thing...
Without my positive attitude the strength and prudence I have just doesn't mean a god ****** thing!
You might miss me a little bit but I plead for you to stay away,
If you don't it doesn't matter cause I'm not answering my phone, texts e-mails nor doorbells anyway.
And if you've learned anything from me you'll listen to me when I say,
Loosing virtue is like jumping off a 55 ft. bridge you'll be hurting every day!
And if like me you ever lose your virtue you'll realize this then too,
You'll go on an excursion just like me this virtue you too you will persue.
Sediment, strength, prudence and wisdom go nowhere as far as prooving who one is,
Without the moral virtue we all have that allows us to make stinky things smell like roses.
Goodbye for now I'll see you soon and for me to do this you ought,
To love yourself much and me much too and for you... to Keep a Wonderful aThought!
                              Robin Ashley
Ashley Williams Jan 2015
The perfect night,
Full of light, not flight--
With dreams of olives!
(And feta in our sights!)

The drinks,
The dancing,
Rock n' Roll--
Naked Munchkin fantasy
Stole my soul!

I miss you my sweets,
It's been too long a week.
I'm pining for Cookout,
Divergent, and Wednesdays wearing Pink.
Ashley Nicole Dec 2014
Dear Ashley,

          Congratulations! Your parents decided to give you one of the most popular names of the 90s! This is your letter of introduction to being Ashley! However, be informed that your name will not only be just "Ashley". Since it's very common, non-Ashleys will need to differentiate between all of you. You may be nicknamed "Ashley #2" or "Ashley Last Name Initial". Preparing yourself for embarrassment is also essential. Instructors will call out your name, resulting in either you pointing to yourself mouthing, Me? or managing to chirp a "Yes?" in unison with three others, only to feel stupid when it's not you. With a name so stale and boring, you may grow a hatred for it. You will fall in love with unique signatures, wishing they were your own. Over and over again, you will fantasize about changing it. Keep in mind that other Ashleys feel the same. At least you can be thankful you weren't named Frances.

                                                       ­                                   Sincerely,
                   ­                                                                 ­              Ashley

P.S. - Although, personalized key chains are easily accessible!
Bree Oct 2014
Ashley, I love you.
I wish I could give you hugs…
And popcorn… and tea.
We should talk sometime. FB me. I miss you. How are you?
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