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Joshua Dougan Jan 2017
Hello Baby Girl, welcome to this crazy situation.
This world of opportunity and lazy Lamentations.
Don't worry though my daughter, we will be alright.
Cause we're not to falter, we always see what's right.
Your family loves you, they won't leave you be.
But trust me at the end of the day it will be you and me.
Cause I'm your daddy and your my blessed beauty.
And the love I feel for you really says it truly.
Bringing you into this world of so much pressure,
Me and your mom decided to call you Esther.
Your middle is Marie, and your last takes after me.
But trust me you will always be my Georgia Peach.
My daughter was born last night. 6lbs7oz 19in long at 8:10pm. Esther Marie is poised to make us a very proud family. We love her and are very happy to have finally met her.
Elioinai Aug 2016
My heart is a golden garden
Full blown roses
tight little buds
of oranges
Pinks and Rosy reds

my favorite purple hues
Each one opened at the subtle cues
of careful human touch

Each friend has opened their own treasured flower
a monument, a bright colored tower
to a love that will span through the ages of life
bringing light to my garden
even at night
There are so many ways to describe the beautiful, unique way I love each of my dearest friends

— The End —