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Henry Akeru Apr 20
Why not follow me?
My pen bleeds rhymes
My heart pumps blood like red wine.

Why not follow me.
Let's hide in poems
Like a child in it's mothers womb.

Your likes and comments
To inspire my craft.
Poetry is my art
Hello poetry is my canvas.
I desire to grow on here.
Henry Akeru Apr 18
You mindless thwarts. Repent from your unbelieve!
See the genius in fiction and bow to its supremacy.
For haven't the mind conceived so many great things?
Even the world was born out of Fiction....
For your unbelieve I pray you :
Wonder off the savanna. Reek to the world in shame !
Or else kiss the feet of the Mastery of mind.
For even that tiny space
And you clutching within onto breath,
Are figments of SOMEONE'S  imagination.
Let there be Light! And there came trillions packets of photons.
Henry Akeru Jan 1
Oh, 2023, a fleeting year in time,
Now replaced by 2024's chime.
With the turning clock, a new chapter unfolds,
A tale untold, in the book of life it molds.

The echoes of yesterday softly fade,
As the dawn of a fresh era is laid.
In the canvas of time, strokes anew,
Patterns of moments, both old and true.

Resolutions and hopes, like stars align,
In the vast cosmos of possibilities entwined.
Oh, 2024, with your untrodden ways,
What secrets lie beneath your cosmic haze?

New beginnings sprout like spring's first bloom,
In the garden of fate, where destinies loom.
A chant of moments, a rhythm profound,
As the hands of time continue to astound.

Let's cherish memories of the past,
Yet embrace the future, vast and vast.
For in this transition, a chance to explore,
The untamed wonders of 2024.
Earth has completed one full spin around the Orbits of the Sun.
Henry Akeru Dec 2023
In Nigeria's political theatre, a tale unfolds,
The Hausa-Fulani’s, in power they hold.
For years, the ruling class they've been,
Yet education's light, they've scarcely seen.

Unwavering they stand, a united force,
Dominating cities, charting a course.
Enterprising minds, business savvy and bold,
In the market of life, their stories are told.

Marriage bonds woven within their tribe,
A tradition upheld, where sentiments imbibe.
Ethnicity and religion, threads of identity,
In the mosaic of Nigeria's vast diversity.

Through the corridors of power, they navigate,
A web of connections, a potent state.
Unity binds them, a familial embrace,
Supporting each other in life's challenging race.

In the embrace of tradition, they find strength,
A tapestry woven, a cultural length.
Love and support, a pillar so tall,
Hausa-Fulani’s, standing proud, standing tall.

In the heart of the nation, their legacy thrives,
A paradox unfolds, where wisdom derives.
For though uneducated ratio may be high,
The bonds they share reach up to the sky.

A political dynasty with tales to unfurl,
Hausa-Fulanis, a complex swirl.
In the dance of power, a rhythm unique,
A story echoing through history's mystique.
A Tale of a very Tactical tribe In Northern Nigeria- The Hausas
Henry Akeru Dec 2023
In the land of Igbo, where stories unfold,
A soul bears burdens, both young and old.
"Why always me?" the heart does plea,
In the rhythm of life, a poignant decree.

Beneath the palm trees, where breezes sigh,
Ancestral echoes in the crimson sky.
Through the hustle of markets, tales untold,
The query persists, a narrative bold.

Is it the weight of history, a heavy chain?
Or destiny's dance in the pouring rain?
In the dance of kola, where traditions blend,
"Why always me?"—a query to comprehend.

Through the bustling cities and village lanes,
Resides a spirit resilient, amidst life's strains.
In the echoes of language, a melodic plea,
"Why always me?" in the Igbo symphony.

Yet, amid challenges, strength does rise,
In the tapestry of struggles, where hope lies.
Through the echoes of ancestors, resilience we see,
A vibrant spirit asking, "Why always me?"
The Struggle of a grossly Marginalized Igbo eastern tribe of Nigeria.
Henry Akeru Dec 2023
The plot was to make us cower is fear.
But now they have made the youths very angry.
Anger kills fear just as light kills darkness.

20-10-20: The new tribal mark on the faces of every Nigerian youth.

All I see is blood.
Blood of the youth
Blood of dreamers
Blood of freedom
Blood of justice
Nigeria is bleeding:
Fresh vibrant blood

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