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TS Oct 2018
It's when tragedy hits that we feel the smallest.

I feel like I can't help, like no matter what I do, I won't make a difference to the cause.

You're resilience and strength has inspired me the years that I have had the pleasure to know you. And now... Now there is this plague that is draining you and I can't change it or help it.

Your family has fought so many battles already. I have never met such a strong bunch. And yet, here they are, having to tackle ALS too.

Such a difficult thing. Something that has no cure or fix or remedy.

That's the funny thing about humans. We don't realize what it's like to not have control until we don't. How incredibly painful it must be to look at your hands, wanting to move them and nothing happens.

I put myself in your place, in your shoes and I am just a rock at the deepest darkest corner of the ocean, covered in algae and sand.

I am motionless.

Much like you will be for the rest of your life, however long we get to have you for.

I am flooded with the emotions and heart break. We have no control. We have no cure. We have no hope.

I want to muster all the hope and prayers I possibly can but I am just struck by the heart ache. I am weighed down by the thought of a world without you. I am scattered and crushed.

This entire time I have been saying nothing but "I" statements and how I feel and how I am. But this isn't about me and how heart broken I am... It's about you

The you who has been a pillar of love and strength to his family

The you who held his wife's hand as she battled cancer

The you who celebrated gleefully the 10 year anniversary of her remission

The you who lost loved ones to other dreadful diseases

The you who donated his time to the arts and the education system

The you who showed people how to think creatively

The you who raised three beautiful children

The you whose daughter is getting married this year

The you who won't be able to walk her down the aisle

The you gave and gave and gave until you actually couldn't walk anymore

This is all about you. The love that is being shown is to you. The tears that are being shed are for you. The hearts that are breaking, break for you. The minds kept up late at night writing frantically to ease the fears are for you. You are the center of this, our one priority.

Please, please let the prayers being poured out for you right now bring healing, bring peace and bring a miracle to you.

Life would not be the same without you and you need to know that.
clever Apr 2018
I don't want anything from you.
I know that it sometimes seems like all I do is use you.
I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
You're so much more to me than that.
You raised me, for god's sake.
No one could ever replace you.
I need you so much, and I'm so scared that I'm going to lose you.
The doctors can't get it right, and it keeps getting worse.
We fight all the time but I can't live without you.
I'm scared that those could've been the last words that I said.
I know I went too far, and I can't go back.
I can't apologize my way out of this one.
You think that I want to replace you.
I know that I act like I do.
I love you so much.
I'm sorry.
I rarely cry.
I am now.
Enjoy what you have while you have it. You can lose it in an instant. Don't take people for granted. Love who you love while you can. Life is nothing until you lose everything.
I can't remember when
I asked you to be mine
I have lost that memory
Somewhere in my mind

I can't remember when
You said to me "I do"
I have lost that memory
It's only known by you

I can't remember things
I'm always at a loss
I have lost those memories
But, I don't know at what cost

I can't remember when
I last said "I love you"
I have lost that memory
Each day is all brand new

I can not remember who I am or who you are
I look up into the sky, and can't wish on a star
I know that I once loved you, but my mind won't go that far
I don't know who I am or who you are
Lithium Jun 2015
Rage Against the dying light
Stand strong please
Grip with all your might
Do not leave us
I hear Gods plan
I will save you
I promise I can.
For a loved one who fell in the fight to ALS.
Herman Nucleosis Mar 2015
My music was between the lines of a poem,
The letters of a word half-hidden in the roaring tides,
The strokes of a brush that capture a smile
And the heart of a damsel whose love was denied.

My music would have brought kings to their knees
Would have divided mountains cleanly in two
My music would have been enough for any other man
But you haven't ever been just any other man, have you?

The day I stopped singing was the day that the doors
Of the heavens opened up and let down a star
As you climbed down from the celestial, in awe, I surrendered
The beat, the melody defining the beings that we are

Presto were you, and anon I was captured
By the light that you shone which blinded my core
Faster and faster, my feet danced to your rhythm
Until I let go and it wasn't my dance anymore

The threads of fate composed this powerful duet
But in giving me you, she robbed me of my voice
Your pull was too strong, however, and I stayed
I know now, as always, it had always been my choice

We took to the sky, and there in the vastness
An alcove perpetual for me was allowed
And in the cold and silence of the infinite universe,
Music formless was what I found

Our union was a battaglia, and they, in nonbelief,
Declared it folly, our war against science
But two hearts we were, yearning for one precious thing
And we journeyed the center of impossible in defiance

As our love crescendoed in the tumult that followed
It was inevitable, my esse became fused with yours
Until entirely, I gave up; we coalesced
And three majestic stars we bore

But for all the serenading that our love can provide,
Our music that traveled through the energy of the cosmos,
In the end, I was not meant for this world, I realized
And perhaps all that we can ever be is almost.

For even in matrimony, t'was something else—
The marriage of space and time— you held dearest
And in your continuous pursuit to unveil eternity
I was left to wonder, for what do I really exist?

It was pure, yes, but turbulent was also what it was
For even at the apex of humanity, love is not perfect.
In our quest to find meaning to the things around us
Gradually, we recognized our need to disconnect

Astraeus must have thought it dry amusement
To have us meet, and fall in love, and collide
And become supernova, briefly the brightest, only to collapse
Within and upon ourselves, swallowing the light we provide

A piano with a missing key sounds distinctly different
Though despite it all a maestro can create something new
Which might remind us, every day of our lives
That our love wasn't strong enough to carry us through.

I look back and see that even after you have also lost
Your voice, our music played on, note after note
But it was not the kind of music to move the stars
And so, as we part, this to you my love I devote
The title comes from Jane Wilde's memoir of the same name.
Inspired by the movie The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.
Ich will keine Ausreden brauchen
zu bleiben oder gehen;
ich will nur die Fähigkeit haben
zu bleiben oder gehen als es mir beliebt.


I don't want to need Excuses
to stay or go;
I just want to have the Ability
to stay or go as it pleases me.
Title: As it pleases me.

— The End —