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MG Dec 2018
how do you explain:
i'm the one who's broken my own heart.
years of allowing negativity into my cracks,
tolerating it's bloom.
only now trying to rip out their roots.
but they have grown like weeds.
manifested in my chest, tangled throughout my ribs.
trying to make them love me, to make them see.
trying to fall back in love with myself,
is really not that easy.
it actually hurts more than loving any one else.
because you know, more than anyone, what you're capable of.
good and bad.
but please, in my upmost hour of desperation,
im begging myself
to take myself back.
she misses you.
she needs you now more than ever.
still waiting for me to come back
Ma Cherie Mar 2017
Just because to love,
someone completely,
is not an easy thing to do,
it is no good reason,
to stop doing it all.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Ugh!! ❤
Everyone says ditch them
But it's not so easy

They say they're not true friends
But it's not so easy

Some say they dwell on my misery
But it's not so easy

They ask why I remain friends with them
But it's not so easy

It's not easy letting go of all your memories

You see, all my memories are embedded in these people
So it's not so easy

— The End —