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Taiwo Olufemi Apr 2018
I woke up this morning with my nose to breathe
The first aura I perceived was your perfume
I woke up this morning to open my eyes to see
The first image I sighted was your being
I woke up this morning as my ears are active
The first vocal I heard was your voice
As my brain did the connectivity
Your birthday was brought to my memory
And I opened my mouth Silently
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ……(fill in the name of the recipient)
But it’s not enough
My feet has to walk up to a chair
My hand has to pen a paper
So that my mind can express proper
How much you are celebrated
A birthday, a Happy day
A birthday, a Fun day
A birthday, a Blessing day
For men to honour you in a heroic way
For God to bless you in a special way
For me to attest to your wonder way
And wish you to age with grace
Happy birthday once again
I wish you long life without a pain
lio Apr 2016
and she realized
house is a place
and home is the person
- I.p
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
There is really a person who can only see those people who he/she loves and didn't love him back. But  never appreciate those people who really loves them . Because he/she is blinded by his pride. Blinded by those things he/she wants.
Mey Jul 2015
You were there sending me songs that basically explains your mood. You were there linking me ****** videos though it made me laugh so hard. You were there giving me tons of vine that brought me into good mood. You were always there for me, now let me take away your sadness and make you feel happy too.

You were there to print me a hard copy of our modules ‘cause my printer is broken. You were there at my birthday when I celebrated it with my college friends even if you weren’t invited ‘cause we're not that close yet. You were there to eat ice cream with me whenever I crave one. You were always there for me, now let me do things for you too.

You were there when my relation**** isn’t working out. You were there when I have no one else to talk to. You were there to sing me a song and play the guitar even if you’re too shy to do it just because I requested you to. You were always there for me, now let me sing you a song and you can play the music along.

You were there giving me the games I wanted so badly, but I know I’ll have to pay for it later. You were there teaching me how to play certain games ‘cause I ***** up at the beginning. You were there watching my back and taking revenge to our opponents because I really am good at dying. You were always there for me, now let me be the one to watch your back and I will protect you.

You never left. I did for some time. I was separated from you. We’d lost our connection. But life brought us back together. From then, I never want to lose you again. I was blinded by your smiles that I wasn’t able to know that you were hurting. I got sensitive of our simple conversations because of your dull reactions. Maybe you got sick of my questions, but I care for you and I don’t want you to feel so alone. *You were always there for me, now let me be there for you too.

— The End —