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Kirryn Oct 26
time moves like worried rivulets of silver
bleeding from a clock face
curling around the numerals like a peaceless filigree
dripping slow moments with a
to the floor.
we remain bound slaves to time
our rust-burdened chains tied to the deceptively frail sweep hand
whirled about with frantic chronohurry, and little difference
between one minute and the next.
eighty-six thousand four hundred quick atomic jerks
from pinpoint to pinpoint;
we dance between the
now-here-no-where-ness, captive and forced
moving within time’s mercurial confines
a horologic rondo of waterlike madness and fire-crazed surety
jumping en pointe from minute hand to hour hand
dancers whirling like aureate cogwheels hidden behind a
of fragile simplicity.

where are we,
Jay Oct 21
Pick me up
Give me a ticket
We've all done this before

What the ****?
Hey babe let's stick it
Shaking me to my core

Give it a try
Baby don't go out and die!

It's okay
I never mean't a word I said anyway.
sorry frens, been a minute. college is time-consuming, as is love :)
Simplicity & complexity are a powerful combination.

Minimalism is discipline, the aesthetic is often pure and sensual; 'a simple joy’.
It strips the superfluous down to its essentials; it enables the viewer to contemplate the gaps and see the magic through simple repetition and gradual variation.

There is more room in our future when there’s less in it.

It's a setting for subtle syncopation, a place to break free from convention, a setting where aesthetic simplicity and abstract thought can combine to facilitate change, a space where human beings can create a tangible difference with very simple things; magical things.

By Pig-Man
Simplicity & complexity - A powerful combination. (((Less is more.)))
Saint Audrey Oct 4
She stood on the edge of the cliff, suspended somewhere in the distance between me and the setting sun. She looked back towards me, waiting patiently at the foot of her elongated shadow.

Her eyes were brimming with tears. Barely visible streaks of salt water already stained her cheeks, but across her lips, a smile. Wide enough to show nearly all her perfectly aligned teeth, her lips taught, almost painfully stretched across her face.

A laugh escaped her throat, something between a laugh and a sob and a cry, cut short as her lungs forced her to gasp, then falling into a spasm of short, shallow breaths.

The words fell like diamonds from her mouth to my ears, scoring my brain with their edges, blinding my inner light with their aura.

I was swept away in the moment, which I thought could never possibly end. But of course it did. And the silence that followed left me shattered and alone.

An escape made in earnest
The quiet upkeep of missing links
An upheaval of something good
To relinquish all sanity
As cracks begin to race across the surface
Dividing the tension across abstract faces
The sound of a jet engine
And the wind that grows ever warmer
The final rays of light
On this endless, waxing summer
In a chemical solution
Temporary happiness
Temporary comfort
Temporary people
No one
Wishes for

I'm that
No one
I think
You are too

Be someone's forever
The mental health
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Examined Life
Tanya Louise Sep 28
hands like feathers
searching through my heat
sweet sounds
echo through our walls
the words he speaks
are wisdom to me
my body, his teeth
vague curses to deep
I take a picture,
two minds intertwined.
two lives unwind.
he makes this work,
oh, my love.
maybe his hands
will bring me whole
fleshy vessels pumping blood
ache selfishly for his touch
he's mine.
even with my sick mind.
Eleni Sep 18
Search for me in your deepest woes
Do not be gentle with your shows.

For it is not easy to find a locket in the mist
And harder for the trapeze to twist-

and break with truth.
Naivety pirouettes beyond youth.

Circus nature preys and submits in hurdles
Upsets the fragile body with tight girdles.

Blisters shall form lest you be still
But comfort never satisfies the thrill.
Adam Schmitt Sep 18
My love only goes where the green grass grows,
always on the other side,

   Well, yeah I'm jaded! What do you want me to do?

            I'll jump around...

Through the shadow and the deep dark sea
through the blinding light of insanity
through the webs and the lies of mine
through the filiments of shattered time
through the categories of abstract space
through the waters of unearned grace
through the vortex and through the hoop
through the cortex and through the ****
through the ediface of a house of cards
through the door of a room full of bards

     And when I finally find
     what I'm jumping around for,
     then I'll make me a pallet
     upon the grassy floor

Share my water, and share my bread
Share the wine, share the


Aaaannd­ share the pain inside my mind...

My love only goes where the green grass grows,
always on the other side...
The graveyard is a
mouth of crooked teeth,
with an ambiguous smile.
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