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Jun 2019
My biggest flaw is my impatience,
my inability to ignore temptations...

I always skip ahead,
which "defeats the point" you said,

"Curiosity killed the cat,"
you warned me too,
But... "Satisfaction bought it back,"
is the ending that I always knew

I cannot resist that euphoria,
from the last page of our story, a-

-book of two strangers
battling imagined dangers

If only I was less enticed by,
abundant sweet nothings, oh my..

In hindsight, I should have listened,
ignored the false sense of bliss and,

carried on without spoilers, for..
the journey would mean much more,

than this epilogue which left me reeling,
from emotions only I am feeling

But still, I refuse to accept,
that this chapter in which we met,

is somehow more meaningful,
as a tragedy, ending this.. uncheerful..

It cannot all be for nothing,
the moral of the story...
must be something..

Hidden, subconscious but still, remaining,
Please, I beg, tell me you are feigning-

-this abrupt conclusion,
this cold, harsh illusion..

What remains is..

a thousand questions that cannot be put to rest,
awakened in the presence of your disinterest

I'm left in this state of transcendence-

-into disarray, from the broken final...

This was written with the intention of being a spoken piece so that's why there are pauses and breaks (shown by the hyphens)
Written by
Grace  20/F/England
     --- and Bogdan Dragos
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