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Zara Wolfe Jan 2016
I placed the roses you gave me
in a vase on my bedside
unaware of the pistol
you placed in my mouth
until I pricked my tongue
on a thorn.
Zara Wolfe Jan 2016
With these vacuous sentiments
I sweep the remnants of myself
(rust and stardust)
you meticulously unravelled
and scattered in crevices of this 33sqm room.
Zara Wolfe Jan 2016
Wrap me in the depths
of your haunting eyes,
drown my frame
in the layers pf your bedsheets,
You may imprison me with lies
but I am enthralled
with the fragility you effortlessly hide.
Zara Wolfe Jan 2016
you have me.
Dehydrated from your touch,
you have drained me entirely.

Knowing not how deserted I have
placed myself deprived of relief
will you attest to my suffering?
******* my skin--
will you carry my heart like you
rattle my bones (when we kiss)
I am not mistaken
nor foolish for wanting to stay.
Zara Wolfe Sep 2014
Please bury me in this sadness
Bones aching of all the madness
Not sure of happiness
No rest for the sufferers
I long for my brother
his pain screams louder than mine
But i am barely breathing
gasping for clarity
in a cloud of monoxide
Not glimmer of hope in my eyes
Too dry from all the tears I've cried.
I swear I never lied
if not to save my life.
Burdened of my mothers strife
a ragged bladed knife
Repeatedly stabbing my heart
ripping my world apart
Where must I go when I feel so alone?
18 years old without a home.
  Aug 2014 Zara Wolfe
Sarah Spang
He is the tumultuous ocean,
The twisting, rolling sea
That feigns a certain gentleness
Until its rage breaks free

So vast and so unending
And limitless in worth
I took him once for granted
As I wandered through the surf.

Without the tumulus ocean
Without its rolling seas
Without the tide that tosses me
And never sets me free

The arid, fallow earth would crack
Beneath my burning feet
Reminding me of which I lost
And dried up with the heat

But salt leaves me to languish
No sweetness he can quench
Time will only tell from here
If love can fill this trench.
Zara Wolfe Aug 2014
I let the ashes burn me
To remind me of the pain
This life is never ending
Climbing ladders w/o a gain
Losing myself with each step
Higher & higher there i go
Departing from my skin
Gone with the wind down below
Its getting harder to breathe
As the ladder becomes steep
I wonder who i'll be
When theres nothing left to climb
And i cannot see underneath.
I am escaping the fate. May Paris save me.
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