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skye davies May 2017
Graciously welcomes 8 hours
of silent darkness,
greeted by my bedroom wall.
i have embraced it as a close friend
in these hard times.
skye davies Aug 2016
Paint, she said, as she removed her clothing and lay vulnerable before him. *Yes, he said and began using a small nimble paint brush. The feeling was relaxing as he delicately brushed her skin with vibrant colours. What will it be?, she asked. He answered, A story. But a story of what?, she demanded. He set down the soft bristles and told her he had finished. It was a short story he explained. She looked down to examine the art only to find herself fading away. She was alone and the artist was gone.
skye davies Sep 2015
My eyes burn from the lack of sleep.
Your words circling my mind,
like a never ending merry go round.
I cling onto that horse with every last strength,
yet, you still manage to pull me off.
I lie in my bed looking at that once
happy thought wishing I could smile,
but I can't.

Somehow the words leave my head.
As the clock strikes 4:48,
I, am a blank canvas,
waiting for none existent paint.
I feel nothing,
yet still seem to drag the blade.

As a new day begins,
my life will end.
The darkness consuming what I had left.
The old day takes so much innocence,
if only we could have waited..

till 4:49.
4:48am is the most common time for suicides.
skye davies Sep 2015
I, am a grain of sand,
stationed between two beach barriers,
So many grains are around me,
yet I see no one.
The sea slowly rising closer,
pulling me to my death.
I feel it near,
but it does not take me.
It takes my invisible companions,
so, I remain,
waiting, hoping, for the waves to take me to my pleasure land.
skye davies Sep 2015
You walk among my leaves of emerald,
your hand brushing them softly,
playing with their delicate hairs.
Nature, is in your hands,
desperate to be felt.
skye davies Sep 2015
I am yet an ocean,
I pull you out, never to return.
Only by a lovers hand,
may you escape.

I may tempt you,
tidal waves carry you back and forth.
Humanity grows further away,
until I drag you under.

Do not try to breath,
my treacherous water
will flood your lungs,
once peaceful,
now at war.
skye davies Jun 2015
You hung my heart
on your necklace of shame,
yet you wear it with pride.
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