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 Jan 2021 luciana
I poured myself
inside your cup
pretended to be tea
your lips pursed to the rim
burning kiss
bile churns
you forgot
I'm made of sins
 Dec 2020 luciana
 Dec 2020 luciana
In the cold, dark
        of January,
         I remembered
        the most.
  As the chill
      snapped bones
              like branches,
     as the afternoons
   bathed themselves
in gray,
     as the birds
and the backs
so did my lips
   around your name.
I'm so happy
     January is almost
over now.
 Sep 2020 luciana
A Slow Heyoka
Each fact is true
But not all truths are facts
You could spend all day measuring string
You can also go bet at the tracks

People will believe what they want
It doesn't make it any less true
But when you find the fact of the matter
You'll be digging up the rest of the crew

A captain can sink with his ship
That's what my mother would say
But that captain will never see daylight again
Unless someone else is willing to pay
 Sep 2020 luciana
 Sep 2020 luciana
You are a song,
a taste, a feeling
I see you everywhere
You surround my heart
At all times
And every single kiss
Leaves my lips numb
Still you are feeling
That I sense so strongly
You are a hurricane
My nostalgia
Sweet berries
Sour lemon
Pouring over me
Holding onto me
Please don't ever let go
 Sep 2020 luciana
sometimes you just
gotta sit down and write
just grab the apple
and take a bite
just take a leap
into the dark night

if you want to be a poet
you gotta write poems
let the words go
wherever the wind blows em

sometimes your lines will ****
other times blow you away
but stay firm on that writing path
don't be led astray
by laziness and perfectionism
saying you can't do it
don't give in, knock em down
push yourself right through it

let the poem be what it is
let its rhymes ring true
knowing as much
as you're writing the poem
it's also writing you
success comes
through failure
improvement comes
through the grind
go ahead
write bad poems
they'll make you better
in due time
 Sep 2020 luciana
It's okay
You can talk to me
There's no need to flee
You're not my enemy
You know, I'm so lonely

It's okay
I really do like you
I only talk to few
'Cause I'm scared of you
Am I getting through

It's okay
I want to talk to you
I'm really dying to
Why am I scared of you
I shouldn't be scared of you

Scared of you, scared of you
It makes me scared of you
Scared of you, scared of you, scared of you
And now you're scared of me
 Aug 2020 luciana
good luck to you, my friend
their words are more wounding than their
fists will ever be
 Jun 2020 luciana
Catnip Lily
In your nothingness, I found you
In my nothingness, you discovered her
Leaving me to grief losing you
With such heavy heart I let you go
Only to meet you often in my dreams
A dream where you are a part of my being.
I find it amused to see a person changed upon discovering a new someone. Letting them go may be best for everyone.
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