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Alyssa Jun 2021
Is it soft, or bouncy? A disc or a balloon?

Crescent, cold, and planetary. I think I am the moon.
Alyssa Apr 2021
living in the walls
creatures gelatinous
thronging the corridors
rising at night
I cannot see the end
only darkness and depth
under the floorboards a grave
direct passage to hell
Alyssa Feb 2021
of the flesh
that has been severed
spills a soul
blood and bone
were the womb
where stays soft
yet past nine months
it rots
one might find
tendons torn
dragging a child
back home
Alyssa Feb 2021
my mother never cried
her eyes she emptied of their water
so she wouldn't drown

she was a poetess last year
and deaf the day I was born
there was no milk left on her *******
only vinegar and blood

she strikes me just to hear the sound
my mouth a shape she cannot recognize
her fingers are hooks
sunk in my cheeks, my thighs, my spine

her anger lodged in my throat
as I try her dresses and twirl in the room
to keep her burdensome corpse company
until the coroner comes
I'll tell them she's just taking a nap

I can't explain the rot, it's been there all her life
Alyssa Jan 2021
in the gulf of our desire
I freed the fleeting regret
of letting you see me dancing
and letting you kiss me insane
for the sky over the ocean
turned dark and ****** red
as the sun sunk below my horizontal faith
witnessing your unbothered death
Alyssa Nov 2020
the scar in the wounded ground
where your grave was dug won't heal
everpresent welt
meridian bisecting my heart

I've kept your cadaver in bed
for exactly a hundred years
wishing you'd wake up with me one day
but I haven't been able to sleep
Alyssa Oct 2020
I am the alpine chill
the pressure of the tundra
sweep of fog that daily dies
arctic bride in love with a vaporous sight

ghost in the clouds dispersed
I dress in morning haze
gauze and mist faint a dress
sighs dissolve in a veil

whirling winds and undertow
hurricane you grow
breathing through the storm
giving the ocean its new form

perpetual lunar tide
rippling aqueous mirage
oxygen and carbon dioxide
impossible atmospheric romance
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