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Silby lline Mar 2017
A love song could never define you.

Your words are like whispers of smoke that escape your mouth
and disappear, forgotten before they are said.
Your tongue could twist circles round mine while our eyes dart for
narrow escapes, so you can take me under the moon.
It’s so taboo. Me and you. She loves you and you….love you.
But I am solitary yours. In my heart.

But please, understand this,
I am not your normal girl.
I will wrap legs around those who make me feel whole in your absence. This until I know
I have your heart as well.
For then, I would **** a million memories for the only ones with you.
Forget the past, which street I grew up on.
Hell, I’ll even forget my name.
I would be yours undying love, without borders or boundaries or limitations.

But remember my legs till your heart cracks wide enough for me to fall in.
Silby lline Sep 2015
I wish it were easy to forget
the nice things, such small things and yet
one nice word keeps me hanging on
I forget all of the things you've done wrong
Those times when you called me a *****
and all of that nasty *******.
When you smile, your words get swept under
and I forget that the bad guy exists.

Your soul is so weak it seeks me to defeat
and I allow it to win every time.
I'm a sucker for every punch line.
You couldn't know how I feel
or maybe you do and you're loving the deal
I never stay angry for long
with me you can have what ever you want.
So now when you pick up my calls
I'll know its not me that you're wanting at all
Just a promise of somebody there
And me, silly me - I love you
and you -
Just love,  how much I care.
Silby lline Sep 2015
All the girls fall in love with you.
That's what you said.
So that's exactly what I did.
Like a cheap advertisement that makes you buy a shiny car,
Like a pusher-man who says, "just try it once, you won't get's free anyway so what's the harm?"
I fell right into your trap.
I'm surprised I can even still walk
I've fallen so many times for the sweet talk.
When will I finally learn.
Play with fire and you're bound to get burned.
Silby lline Jul 2015
What life is this?
They should warn you when you're young.

Am I alone in this?

I have a heart that's open
and so often, find it broken.

What time is this?

I have no clocks.
In rooms made out of bricks,
rubber necked and split.
Time was something I cared for long ago
when hope was still my gift.

Is it wrong to feel this drift?
I smile at faking faces
with the hopes that they might miss
the apathy persist.
Silby lline Jul 2015
It's all gone to ****.
The morning brings my thoughts to this.
Wildly imagining other sides of the dark,
spiraling into a cold and broken heart.

I never meant to be here again
I have no destination,
just anywhere but here
in this abandoned station
where dreams have fled
and I am the definition of lost patience.
Silby lline Oct 2013
Abandoned like a ship cast out to sea
but I am the one who set sail.
You never even saw the wind pick up
tried to find me fore I left - but like a broken compass --- failed.

Now I've set forth towards the sun, and you'll be wondering where I've gone.
You'll wake and you will find, no trails amongst the waves,
for you to follow me.

The map was never drawn
and so I set my sail at dawn.
I knew you would not notice, and yet I knew it must be done.
You will think you're lost without me but take into account ---
You are not the only one.
Silby lline Jun 2013
Ambling along the seaside
a group of youth
on the brink,
looking for good music and cheap beer

we drank Jameson straight from the bottle
and poured cheap wine down each others throats
and then you grabbed my hand and

you pulled me along
like we were lovers
but I'd only just met you that day.

Closing in on a heaving crowd outside a dark edged bar,
we all agreed.  
Stepping  in
he whispered,
"You're my girlfriend for the night right?"
I didn't respond
ruminations and innocence
didn't recognize
it was just the way you were

i did not know you
after all.
this person ---
an enigma
a formation of every external fantasy was feasting upon me like prey.

Mind fuckery tipped me to the point
of no return.

For a moment
I lost you in the crowd
and I drank myself into a stupid spin
when I looked up to the landing,
you were there
looking down on me.

I danced wildly
as your eyes burned into mine.
a mission on your mind.

Later we fell out of the sweat infused bar
incomprehensibly drunk with glee
and drinking in fresh air.

Against the wall, the others fell and laughed,
but you ---
you grabbed my neck, my face, my being,
while wild curiosity burned in your eyes.

and you say that I'm intense...

Twisting our faces into a kiss,
you were so unexpected

you grabbed my hand, and we ran into the grass across the street,
but instead of sunlight and fresh flowers
taxi cabs and punters filled the streets around us
and I could hear our friends looking

Intwined for a moment --- frozen in time
swift and fleeting,
we struggled for breath discovering each other with crazed passion --
until it stopped suddenly
an interruption of unimaginable events.
they screamed our names
and so it was over.
gathered again the group headed toward the dawn,
but that kiss --- still wet on my mouth
left me gravitated

but you distanced yourself
with disregard.

I fell more in lust the further apart we grew down the alley ways
the cobblestone paths,
damp streets and street dwellers
towards the train and back to inevitable reality

couples and friends walking
and as one
but you
were not with me.

I wished
that moment would continue
that we would walk into the light of some
irrational dream
and then I woke up

in a foreign land tears filled my eyes

You said you were crazy when you drink,
but maybe i'm just
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