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  Apr 2014 lia
and my veins are singing to be freed from my skin.
  Apr 2014 lia
i feel like an addict going through withdrawal.
  Apr 2014 lia
Unrequited Love
I can't help you if you don't want to help yourself.
No matter how many times I wipe your tears away
Or tell you how beautiful you are.
You have to want to hear it and stop crying.

No matter how much I try make you smile
Or hug you close.

You have to want to smile and embrace me back.

No matter how much I wish I could save you.

The only person that can do that is you...
I just hope one day you actually decide to save yourself
  Apr 2014 lia
Ever felt trapped?
No escape
No way out
Short of breath
Short of sight
One way
Dead end
Ever felt trapped in a memory?

With no desire to find a way out .
  Apr 2014 lia
There's something
About rain
Always makes you
I love the sound/smell of rain !  9w
lia Apr 2014
i cannot believe
it has taken me so long
to realize that you
were never coming back
and that when you said
that it was over
you meant it

i cannot believe
it has taken me so long
to realize that you
are never going to see these tears
nor read those poems
and that i
was only wasting my time
  Apr 2014 lia
Grumpy Dwarf
Why can't you be horrible and full of unforgivable flaws?
Why does it gets worse and not better inside my stupid, devoted heart?
Why do you still feel the same to me?
Your skin hasn't lost that scent I knew
The scent I still know and can remember by simply closing my eyes
The scent I still desire and find familiar
Even if it really never was
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