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Everything I think of killing myself
I start taking my make up off and I look at my eyes.

I've never thought I was beautiful, but my eyes

They're so blue and I think to myself what a waste of good eyes.

Sometime my blue eyes is what keeps me here
Unrequited Love Oct 2020
You are worth more than you give yourself credit for

Its bad now

But we have been happy before and we will be again

I promise

You are beautiful and loved and worth it.
Unrequited Love Apr 2019
Two shattered people not a word spoken

Lying in bed

Holding each other tight

In the Hope's that they can feel just a little less broken

Even if it's just for the night.
I tried the rhyming thing?
Unrequited Love May 2018
I can't wait for the day that I find someone where I don't have to question if they want me around.

Because all this not knowing is killing my soul.
Should I message him....No.
But I want to talk to him ?
Yeah but your probably just bugging him.
But, but....
Yeah your probably right
Unrequited Love Dec 2017
I love you, you ******* idiot. We could have been everything and you threw it away for some ******* stupid blondes who will only ever last a few months... I would have been there for every ******* birthday, for every ******* Christmas. For any bad times you were going through, I would have stuck through them all just so I could see your smile. And you threw  that away for nothing, and you still can't see what you did to me, and you still can't see how much I cared about you, how much I'll always care about you. ******* for what you did. ******* for breaking me.
I'm just really drunk right now. And I typed this message out to him. I just couldn't send it.
Unrequited Love Nov 2017
All I think about is you.

And all you think about is yourself.
Unrequited Love Nov 2017
You always bite my neck before you kiss me.

With us it's always lust over intimacy.

You're careful not to leave a mark, careful not to leave any proof.  

But I can feel it under my skin, it's your way of making sure I can't forget you, while making sure no one else will ever know about us.

It's like your always here, but standing just out of my reach.

One day I'll say no to you,

At least that's what I tell myself everytime you leave.
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