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You were too good to be true.
I realize that now,
and I wish that I never met you
'cause then baby,
I wouldn't be so use to kindred words,
beautiful eyes,
somber smiles,
and tearful goodbyes.

I wouldn't miss your smile,
that silly smirk you used to tease me with,
the tickles,
the gasps,
the sloppy, desperate kisses.

I put my heart out on its own palisade,
paraded it down empty halls,
and left it alone to fight a war it would surely lose,
with yours.
Not for anyone really.

run away from me
by various artists, DotEXE
I know that I'm not ready,
I know you fear it too.
If only I could open you up,
To all of your most tattered pages,
Feel the rips the others left behind,
And mend them one by one,
Piece together the scraps let loose,
Make sense of the sentences torn apart,
Give your story meaning,
By putting you back in sequence,
I can bare the cut of every page,
And swallow the pain of every word,
If only it meant that you would continue.
I would rewrite your beginnings,
Soften our rise and fall,
And give you the ending you always deserved.
I don't even want to rhyme this
but I know I won't be able
to help myself
I'm so lost in this space
this time, this place,
observations from a shelf
Connections are nebulous
over reactive and distractive
once upon a time it was just about me, but I know it's about you, and me,
and people I've never even met yet!
It's about times lost
in bio degrading minds
and lessons just best to forget!
Struggles with the real world
are snippets of words
in an over active mind,
don't ever forget
that occasionally
your thoughts were **mine
One day,
With the absence of my mind
Ran to the river
What might cause for getting the creeps
I called out to her tune,
Would draw the magnitude

Which  made,
A stream of love
Reserved my chest with a colorful sailboat
I was moving
Along the unknown way with playing flute
Then came one of the exotic path

The distant villages,
Then along the earthy way
The meantime
When I became tired,
Have to rest
In the shade of green

Dropped the melody of birds
Plucked the flowers,
Hoped the song with flute
Then suddenly
I came to your home yard
You heard my mystic songs
And to be loved,
Was filled with songs of bird
Sky, Air, Meadows
That earthy way
Stars stood up  
Filled the night sky
The river grew with Silver Moon

Yet Fill with the moonlight
Follow the river down
To My old boat along the moonlit
@Musfiq us shaleheen
old boat along moonlit
I was very immature
My Sixth sense until then
Could not understand his words
Listened to all the strange things
How to tune in to that!
It would be a void in my soul
Felt a strong gravity
Ever would leave the door open
Pull away the home would have been without

Consistently in the nature of
Deep darkness,
Off and on beside a Chime river
Ever in the green meadow under a tree
What to get a!

But I remember
The smell of the ancient world,
The taste of the salt water,
Think the creation of
The epoch learned
After Rain very earthy flavor,
I would think would be the essence
Of the air *******

But what a surprise!
How do I know thee fragrance,
Didn't see thee before
Didn't imagine thee face
Only I have to paint
The dark night sky color in,
Sometimes wings to fly
Like a free bird,
Ever saw the weaver birds scatter house,
To be surprised to see the purple color inside
The Black berry

Slowly I grew older then
My Fifth sense,
The more active
My Sixth sense,
Like the branches grew
I saw the the ground to make
I put the plants saw the,
Seen Counterpoint to the creation of,
Seen be created of the soul
You have caused me
When I have seen
I understand that
You do not someone else
Thy existence
Is hidden within me-
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Thy Existence
You looked at me, with those gentle
On the balcony of that cold starry
The hours ticked away, filled with our
We hoped for longer but you had to go
Ever since then we've talked, but who
That even though apart, the closer we
Your beautiful words of love fuel my
And they make this long wait totally
These 350 miles won't stand in our
For I continue to love you, every single
I used to be in denial about long distance relationships because how could you love someone you never see?

Now I know I was wrong because not even distance matters when it comes to love.

Our love flourished in the winter
In a place where it never really got cold
Your eyes were always icicles
And your smell like winter wind

You come off as cold
But maybe as winter progresses toward spring
And life reveals itself from under its snow blanket
You heart too will awaken
She may have closed the door
but you nailed it shut
You refused to hear her weeping
while you sat upon your ****
Your back against the door
Where you occasionally bang your head
Needles hanging from your veins
Demons not waiting for you
To. Be. Dead.
She sat upon the other side
listening through the door
her good eye against the keyhole
until she heard you breathe no more
Along an empty hall of dust
that ends in a pit of flames
that carries centuries of souls
to their everlasting shame
She sat upon that dirt floor
thinking she was the one to blame
if only you had turned the ****
or just whispered her name...
"Justice runs down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream"

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Brothers and sisters
Arm in arm
In grace
With faith
And agape love
Marched towards hate
And the steel of repression

     No door to heaven is easily opened
     Sometimes the only choice is to die
     Not quickly
     But slowly and painfully

The arc of justice bends under the weight of human sacrifice

They thought
"This is it for me"
Yes this was it
But it was time
Time for the signs to come down
The signs that said
     "You here"
          "You there"
               "Not for you"
                    "Sit in the back"

Separate but equal
A lie of monstrous proportion
There is no equality
When all is not shared
There is no equality
When a night stick crushes inalienable rights
There is no equality
When a child is called a __
There is no equality
When the love of Jesus
     Is not enough for some people
When the love of Jesus
     Is not enough for some hearts
When the love of Jesus
    Is not enough for grace on earth

Let me take a moment

To cry

To feel the shame

Let us take a moment

And understand why some among us remember Selma
A memory of pride and pain
A memory of the willingness to die
For what is right
To give up their life
To give up their complaints
To give up their selfishness
To give up what we take for granted
So that they might die
For someone else
Because it was time
I wrote this a few years ago... thought I'd dust it off....
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