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The Girl Feb 2015
You don't see the world
The way I do
You see stars
I see constellations.
The Girl Jan 2015
One more drink,
A cigarette,
Another song,
Any excuse to **** the pain,
Of remembering,
I'm all I've got,
And I used to be so much more.
  Jan 2015 The Girl
Sam Haidan
He plays the same game, and in it, I’m not a pawn. I’m not a player. I’m the dice that he picks up, waves around and throws down, over and over again, anticipating the outcome.

And it’s okay that he doesn’t have a heart,
I have enough heart for the both of us.
It’s okay that he doesn’t care,
I can care enough for the both of us.
But he won’t let me.
And he won’t set me free either.
The Girl Jan 2015
I know you say I hurt you,
Lets contrast and compare,
Mine are still here,
Yours were never there.
The Girl Jan 2015
I know that I'm not ready,
I know you fear it too.
If only I could open you up,
To all of your most tattered pages,
Feel the rips the others left behind,
And mend them one by one,
Piece together the scraps let loose,
Make sense of the sentences torn apart,
Give your story meaning,
By putting you back in sequence,
I can bare the cut of every page,
And swallow the pain of every word,
If only it meant that you would continue.
I would rewrite your beginnings,
Soften our rise and fall,
And give you the ending you always deserved.
The Girl Jan 2015
I like men and I hate cuddling
so im left to wonder why
this beautiful woman
is laying her head upon my chest, slightly
snoring, peaceful as she rests.
She's beautiful as she sleeps
but im confused and honestly
her leg is making mine hot.
Im uncomfortable.
I know she needs this and I wont be
the one to take it away from her.
The Girl Oct 2014
Four hearts,
I can barely handle one.
The first: My own,
Broken many times before,
Mended by nothing but my own hands.
Experienced by many.
The second:
Slightly worn and completely stable,
Experienced by one.
The third:
Soft and gentle,
Experienced by few,
But keeps coming back for more.
The fourth:
Open and beautifully naive,
Experienced by none,
Ready to start beating.
All of them amaze me,
The love you can learn,
Sometimes exceeds what you can feel,
Curiosity greater than experience.
Love heart feelings emotion
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