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Rizza Jan 2015
Everything seems fine
When we first came to be
I'd smile at you
You'd smile at me

Then things got better
when we both confessed
You'd smile at me
And I'd smile at you

I often find myself
muttering the words
I love you
when I think of you

But I can't tell you now
because things changed
I'd smile at you
But you don't even
look at me anymore
I love you
But you can never love me
And I hate it
Rizza Dec 2014
I think about you
More often than I should
I think about us
To stop, I wish I would

I want to  go see you
And I will if I could
I will give you everything
Yes, I would

I have doubts
And your actions confirm
What has been on my mind
For a while

There is only Me
And no Us nor We
Rizza Dec 2014
Everything is new to me,
Although deep inside, I feel
That I have always been like this
And you showed me
How to see the best in me

These discoveries may be simple,
But these are what I have
Always been searching for.
'Believe in yourself'
Is what I was taught by you.

You are the difference in me.

So I will use my newly-found
Courage, and ask you to stay,
For I cannot let you go,
The difference in me
Rizza Dec 2014
We proceed with urgency

The stomach ache,
was too much to take

Awful is what we all feel,
Hoping quickly you will heal

Waiting anxiously,
we hope you return timely

Waiting through the night,
hoping you are alright.
My brother was taken to the hospital merely minutes ago and I am worried so I wrote a poem to express my anxiety, I hope he is fine
Rizza Dec 2014
Things may not happen as you want them,
It is quite painful and heartbreaking.
I held out so much hope
But things still ended quite badly.
I expected so much but it all went down.

I could feel my eyes well up with tears,
The pain in my heart manifested itself,
I have gone lightheaded,
I could feel my heart breaking,
it hurts and I just want it to stop

I have felt this many times before
Why is it much painful than I remembered?
I would often ask myself,
Of the things I have been wrong about.

Was it something I said?
Was it something I did or did not do?
Was it because of my appearance?
Was it because of me?

Then I thought that maybe,
Just maybe, it's not meant to be.

I could only just let things go,
And just move on,
Let time heal my heart..

For now, I'll just cry these tears
and hope for the best.
Rizza Dec 2014
I love what we have,
It's like a new beginning.
Everything's new and fulfilling,
But I'm afraid it will all end sadly.

First, I fancied him, terribly.
I liked sitting beside him,
He laughs, I laugh.
I was young and foolish.
He liked me for the chance
Of being better at class.

Second, he was so charming,
And I fell for him,
he was a musician,
so I got my own guitar,
and asked him to teach me,
he said yes, but he never did.
His heart belonged to someone else.

Third, he was very intelligent,
He loved reading books and
he even gave me one of his.
I enjoyed his company, so
I wrote to him about what I feel,
But he never talked to me again.

Fourth, he was a great friend.
I just liked him so much.
We spend so much time together.
I was head over heels.
So I thought why not take a chance,
But he already knew how I feel.
He left and I never saw him again.

Now, I am just scared
About how our story will end.
I am afraid that this,
Is just a repetition of the past.
I'm terrified that you'll run,
when I tell you how honest I am.
I don't want to appear vulnerable,
I don't want you to take advantage.

But deep in my heart,
I willfully hope,
That you are different.
Rizza Nov 2014
The thing about life is,
I'm just one of the many.
One of the many creations,
One of the many people,
One of the many girls,
One of the many
Who has fallen for you.

I am just one of the many,
So I strive to be different,
Hoping you'll notice me.
I am just one of the many.
Who am I to demand you
To look at me the way I do to you?

I should not even be doing this.
I should not be feeling this,
And yet I am.
I wish I could make it stop.
I am nothing compared to the many.

Maybe this is what you do,
Making everyone fall for you.
I have fallen into your trap,
And I can't blame you for it.

They say I am a fool and it's not real,
But you are the greatest thing
That has ever happened to me.

I wish things would change,
And you would choose me

So I will be **the one from the many
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