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May 2020 · 263
jg May 2020
Your deceitful words and actions will forever be in my mind.
They hurt like hell but thank to them i stand unblind
And realize with pain, that you were never mine

You ask for a forgivness i can never give,
Despite how much our voices we crave
with that we shall ever live.

You left me with a fear i've never felt,
Your pain made me forget how i used to melt
in your gaze, but now my heart for peace only prays...
May 2020 · 293
Love heals.
jg May 2020
Love is not supposed to hurt you, its supposed to heal you.
Love is supposed to enlighten you, not consume you.

Love is not supposed to hurt, its supposed to feel like magic.
jg Mar 2020
It’s 1:17 am and i’m still awake on a Monday, but it’s no longer because of the coffee in your eyes but the lies I see in them.

Es la 1:17 am y sigo despierta un lunes, y ya no es por el café de tus ojos, sino por las mentiras que encuentro en ellos.
Mar 2020 · 156
Souls, bones & Flesh
jg Mar 2020
Sun bright and beautiful,
Breakfast made by you in bed as usual

Heat and sweat,
Kisses and eyes met,

Wind strong and fresh,
Our souls, bones and flesh
devoted to one another

The world: chaotic.
Our love: unbothered,
Powerful and ******

Night full of stars
-But so are your eyes -
And when I’m next to you,
My heart flies touching  every living star
From afar...
Mar 2020 · 290
jg Mar 2020
Hello Poetry, it’s me again.

I’ve come back with a broken heart and lots of sad words to be written soon underneath the blurry moon, that has always inspired me to this day and its sadness way
Dec 2018 · 1.6k
I dream of a Christmas
jg Dec 2018
I dream of a Christmas
Where all of our dreams have come true,
Where all our hatred has gone to rue,

Where all our souls are loved,
And each of our broken pieces glued,

I dream of a Christmas
Where happiness rules each person's face,
And loneliness and frowns have no place
Oct 2018 · 616
jg Oct 2018
For so long I've wanted to dive into your sweet and warming rhymes,
But a voice inside me tells me otherwise,
So I have decided i won't listen to it,
I've learned to be brave within some time,
Unlike the voice,
which is just hiding from what it truly is; Fear.
So finally, i have my dreams clear,
sit and watch me jump into happiness and be free
Oct 2018 · 535
Trust life's timing
jg Oct 2018
Have patience,
Life indeed, and destiny itself,
has plans all over your gracious dreams

Life has it's own timing,
Look at all the noise we make, and yet everything is rhyming
at it's own pace and style,
Synchronizing and intertwining for an infinite while.
Oct 2018 · 336
Better Half
jg Oct 2018

Look at all we have,
Can't you see i'm your better half?

When the world is falling apart,
Who has been there to hold your heart?

When the light seems dim,
I've shown you the way by caressing your golden skin

& when the air gets cold,
I've given you my whole body for you to hold

Baby, please tell me you still feel love when i look into your eyes, because i can't take no more lies...
Sep 2018 · 1.6k
The love of our loved ones
jg Sep 2018
Yes, life gives us challenges,
Life sometimes makes us think we're weak,
But when the right people come in your life
I asure you, they'll repair all the damages
By maybe, just a kiss on your cheek
Nov 2017 · 370
My necessity
jg Nov 2017
Your skin, your lips, your heat,
Your never-ending love so sweet,
Makes me question life indeed,
Because honey, you're all I'll ever need
jg Jun 2017
My words drip upon thin air, each one, more painful than the last, as they vanish into the emptiness of your heart and soul, which has been my only refuge since I dove into your dark coffee eyes for the very first time.

I have bruises on my hands, throbbing lips from all my yelling, muscles too tired to keep fighting, and a body lacking of a soul it's very own, which has been lost between all my mortifying effort to try to convince you of something you don't know of, something you're afraid to understand and probably incapable of holding it in your cold bare hands...
But now i know better; love should be felt, not understood.

So i give up, i'm tired of killing myself trying to make you see something thats big and bright as the sun that shines ahead of us. My poems, my words, my passion, my honesty, my actions, my devotion and dediction to you apperantly weren't enough ... but baby, that's all i have left, so now i'm saying goodbye with the small strength that remains in me. I'm hurt and broken by your
disbelief due to your lack of courage but i know i will be okay because i'm not the one who's afraid of love.
Jun 2017 · 427
A consuming hope
jg Jun 2017
Delusional, foolish and empty
Ive been waiting for a love so big but achy,
Loosing all I have, including myself in a consuming hope
Where I do not know any longer how to cope...
May 2017 · 624
jg May 2017
The pain,
The tears,
They've been keeping me from staying sane

And the only thing that's natural from me
is missing you,
it has now become a part of me,
another confusing colateral damage,
from losing you

I'll have to learn to live with the pain and the void that traces my heart every night at 4 am,
But I'm fighting a battle too big and oversized for me,
I'm overwhelmed,
surrounded by a scary defeated war
May 2017 · 339
Healing With Magic
jg May 2017
Let everything in,
Let the magic underneath your skin awake,
Let the vibrations of your heart take control, & magic they will make.

Your days will burst with love and light,
They will melt away the coldness around your heart
That will soon to be a lovely dash of art,
& the darkness you shall fight,
Because with time you will be alright...
Apr 2017 · 427
Your perfume
jg Apr 2017
I find myself at the perfumery store once again, looking at the man behind the cash register with desperate eyes asking for your perfume, pronouncing it's brand name as if it were a lost essence of you...

I find myself with the container inches away from my nose, and with my mind in a trance where i'm fulfilled brusquely with memories of you that reach out for me and pull me out of the lonely darkness surrounding me.
Apr 2017 · 744
Day after day
jg Apr 2017
Colorful and faultless souls, deprived of screaming out a name,
Limited in a box that controls ourselves,
Holding tight to an only thing that keeps us sane

Blinded and innocent,
Dreaming and weeping
We fight through our madness
Hoping not to deal with our pain

Burning and aching,
Drowning and breaking
We speak to the silence as it slowly consumes us,
Fading and remaining all the same,
Day after day

We watch the struggle and kiss away our wounds
Embracing the killer thing that makes us okay

Maybe with our tears or maybe with the rain...
Numbing our weakest and darkest parts,
The ones that keeps blasting our madness toward the stars but ****** to fail
Day after day.
Mar 2017 · 802
Upon my skin
jg Mar 2017
i waste my hands
trying to erase the trace and marks,
the ones you've left
upon my skin and heart.
but they kind of look like art,
so i'll just leave them right there where they are......
jg Feb 2017
I see the door wide open
Telling me to go in,
And all I have to do is take one step.

Sincere but fearful thoughts find their way to me...
"He shall not be your happiness, don't let him have that much power over yourself"
"You can be genuinely happy without him..."
"You are the sun, and he was just a cloud"
"You are the moon and he was just a star, one close to a supernova, soon to be lightless"

I close my eyes and take one step, and so I hold on tight, preparing myself for the journey that awaits for me: the journey of loving myself.
(This is part 2)
I wanted to do something new, I hope you liked it, but if you haven't read part one... Go read it :) These two poems were very personal, they represented sincerely two important moments of my life.
And don't you ever forget that things WILL get better... A storm never lasts forever <3 so don't give up and always have hope.
jg Feb 2017
I saw the door wide open
Tempting my weak side to go in,
All I had to do is take one step.

Sincere but unwanted thoughts found their way to me...
"You won't go in without him..."
"You can't be genuinely happy without him, and you certainly don't want to"  
"You are incapable of standing without his arms there to hold you
"You can't glow without him, he is the energy that allows you to fire up"

So I closed my eyes and gave up
Allowing darkness and loneliness to embrace and surround me one more time, fulfilling me with fear of living life without him, of being happy without him.

But things couldn't stay like that forever... (Read the next poem, part 2)
Read the next poem, part 2 :)
Feb 2017 · 662
Tracing Voids
jg Feb 2017
I love you,
But I hope with
every force
of my lonely being,
I hope with every force
of my muscles and heart
who still crave their home
and i hope with every inch
of my fragile skin
which used to linger
beneath the tip of
your thirsty lips
not too long ago...

I hope that when you hear my name,
your insides burn
With the thought of me,
With the unbearable feeling
of missing me...
I hope it burns you
tracing with pain and repentance
the void that you created
in yourself
the day you left me.
Not my best, but unfortunately, it's extremely sincere
Feb 2017 · 1.3k
Night thoughts...
jg Feb 2017
Why can I only seem to create poetry at night?
Does the darkness inspire me more than the light?
The one that never fails to bright and warm up our lives...
Why did I still seem to love you euphorically
After your floating words that hurt me like knives?
Ones so sharp they blinded me and kept me from seeing all your lies

But now I seem to be understanding...
You were the darkness in my life that inspired me,
You were the darkness that got me writing
Using words so honest, they make me feel alive,
You are the memories that still get my heart going,
And despite the total lack of light and the pain you left in me
You are the only one who still has me on my feet, firmly and standing.

And as long as you linger in my heart, deep and close to my soul, I will be writing at night
Today and forever as I might...
Feb 2017 · 521
Old Cigarettes
jg Feb 2017
Under skies tragically dark
I linger with my eyes overwhelmed of tears,
with thoughts full of you and regrets,
I stand here burnt, consumed and stepped on,
just like your old cigarettes,
Reminding me how our souls still remain far apart,
Because unfortunately, not in this life or the next,
Will my heart forget the remembrances of those who've left.
Feb 2017 · 677
Winter Trance full of stars
jg Feb 2017
Leaves rustled with the cold breeze,
And the frosty white steam of your breath floats away with it toward the sky,
Reminding me of how you have the power to make my heart melt and my thoughts freeze

Because with just a slight glance
Or even a soft touch,
You make me float within a trance,
Where I meet with the stars that shine just for you,
And there, I have a dance
With lovely rhythms reminding me of your smile and heat
Making it hard to stand firmly
with my shaky feet.
Jan 2017 · 754
Poetry in black and blue
jg Jan 2017
You ask why I no longer write,
But how on Earth am I supposed to?
The parts you took from me were the best
that I could do

The day you slowly flew,
from the utter mess of what we were,
from me and my life,
You took what used to be a joyful soul
before the wound
of your manipulative knife,
And you left it here
to rue seeing nothing
but black and blue.

You ask why I no longer write,
But you still miss to understand;
You have taken with you my fragile arms
through your deceitful but compelling charms,

You have taken with you my sensible and thin fingers
With the way your body used to linger,
Millimeters away from mine,
just enough to make it impossible for me to live without.

And you still ask why I no longer write...
Jan 2017 · 1.3k
Some Enchanted Evening
jg Jan 2017
You hold my hand
on this cold and starless night.
I can see it in your eyes;
you'll make everything alright.

You hold me close
and kiss me gently on my cheek;
move a strand of hair from my face
and to me you softly speak:

*"You are the shooting star
that used to light my skies,
but then you fell down to the earth
And now you light our lives."

"A cold and starless night
to which only you bring meaning.
Your love is all I'll ever need
on some enchanted evening."
Co-written by my amazing and talented friend, Mysidían Bard :)
Jan 2017 · 1.7k
Dark Brown eyes at 4 AM
jg Jan 2017
It's 4:02 am
And I'm craving your mesmerizing brown eyes more than ever,
the ones you never liked and the ones you wanted to change badly.
But you never saw them with my eyes,
you never realized they had a compelling and authentic power...
Your dark brown eyes could wake anybody up more than dark coffee ever did,
they fulfilled you with electricity, magic and colorful butterflies in your chest.
Your dark brown eyes told stories,
ones you could read over and over and you'd never get tired of it,
ones that awed you more than an Ernest Hemingway book ever did
Your eyes were a mystical dark brown
with shades, nuances and hues that could resemble the dark depths of the center of earth.

And if he looks at you the way he looks at me, oh those dark brown eyes have the overwhelming spell of freezing you
into a trance full of freedom and euphoria, and there, right there
you'll find stars floating and lighting up the galaxy's edge and the center of the universe, but only if you look closely enough.
Jan 2017 · 682
Poison in absence of light
jg Jan 2017
There was a girl
In this world
With total absence
Of light and
She was hurled
Upon the darkness

But one day
She fell under the spell
Of his eyes,
Her life was well
But sadly she discovered
All his lies,

And their love story ends there
But she was missing him so much,
Craving his love
And caring touch

So she brought him into her life
Despite his actions that came like knives,
She absorbed his poison
And called it love*

Because he was like a drug to her, like a shiny red apple but rotten and toxic inside, one that slowly consumes every bit of you, but it's impossible to escape his compelling magnetism.
Jan 2017 · 418
I Remember...
jg Jan 2017
I remember how you kissed me that night
When the clock ticked ten
I remember how you wrote
Your name with your lips
on my skin like a pen
Dec 2016 · 466
jg Dec 2016
I beg you to please remain forever by my side...
Until I'm wrinkly,
Until I have trouble remembering things,
Until I can't listen perfectly,
Until I need big thick glasses to see well,
Until I start getting slower,
Until I'm old and grey,
Until my last breathe
Remain forever by my side
Until we've eternally become ghosts
Because you're the only one I adore the most.
Dec 2016 · 822
jg Dec 2016
The words falling from your mouth that afternoon
came like sharp knives toward me,
tearing me apart and shattering my heart and soul.
And I don't think no one will ever
have the power to glue me back together.
Except for you.
How is it that the person who hurts us the most
is the only one with the cure?
Why is It that we always want to be healed
by the person who caused the horrific,
unspeakable and tremendous pain?
Dec 2016 · 330
jg Dec 2016
Today we would have fulfilled another wonderful month together, but regrettably, we let our mistakes make us stumble and fall, without having no turning back, without us having any other option but an irremediable goodbye.
Oh what I'd do to go back in time and fix everything, and stare at you a little bit longer
Dec 2016 · 932
My screaming soul
jg Dec 2016
I'll never forget you played my heart like a game
But my soul still screams your name
And since you nothing has remained the same
Since you, my lips have met many others
But not one can be compared to you, my lover.
Never will I find another soul like yours
And I will just exist, as my heart simply endures for yours
Dec 2016 · 1.9k
The day you left me
jg Dec 2016
On the day you decided to love me no more
You left my heart so sore
The sky started to cry
And I had no better option
Than to lie
And act like I was well
Because I stumbled
and quickly fell
And felt too weak to stand
I only needed your hand
To grab and pull me up
No one knew about my sorrow
No one saw me weep
But the love I feel for you
Is in my heart to keep.
Dec 2016 · 1.1k
My camera roll
jg Dec 2016
I opened my camera roll and started viewing photos of me, all of them, from the oldest one to the newest one, from our first picture taken together to the very last.

Before losing you:
In the old pictures I saw an innocent little girl with not a care in the world, with a big shiny smile that radiated nothing but happiness, genuine happiness.
Her eyes reflected a light that could brighten up a whole city and you could tell they were under the beautiful spell of being in love, of loving someone whole-heartedly

After losing you:
I noticed something different in the most recent pictures, I saw a broken and confused little girl, with pinkish eyes like they've been crying too much and with dark spots under them, with chapped lips and a pale face.
I saw that her smile wasn't real, and I noticed she was hiding her tears and has been doing that for maybe too long
I saw a completely different girl, one with her heart torn apart. Her eyes screamed a name and begged for his comfort, his touch and the sound of his voice.  

You changed me, losing you changed me. And that's sadly how it goes: Pain, it has the devastating and horribly over whelming power to change people, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.
Dec 2016 · 192
Lost in your eyes
jg Dec 2016
When I stare into your eyes

I forget the mess of life

And i can't seem to see your lies
Nov 2016 · 587
I hold on to you...
jg Nov 2016
I hold on tight to the memories of you, to the little bits you've given to me of yourself, I hold on to that unforgettable pleasure of making your eyes shine, I hold forever in my heart the fact that you loved me, and nothing nor no one will ever take that away from me.
I hold on to the echos, to the beauties and  memories our love has left behind but sadly have already died long ago and turned into ashes but somehow, ironically, they make me feel alive.
Sep 2016 · 380
jg Sep 2016
Here i am again without you

   I feel my skin and bones begging for your touch,

   I feel my veins and blood aching for your heat,

   my soul screaming for you to stay.
  Within each second you become blurrier

And the madness and insanity of my mind take over me; craving your lips and the sound of your heart beat,

Craving what we used to be.
Craving every little piece of you.
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
jg Aug 2016
Oh, i just can't forget you,
i won't forget the taste of your lips
and how they made me forget
about the universe and it's lousy problems,
i won't forget the way you made me feel
and how everything just went blurry every time you were talking to me.
i wish i won't forget the pain of my cheeks i sometimes got
from laughing and smiling too much when i was with you,
i hope i won't forget not even in a hundred years
every little mesmerizing detail of your oh-so-lovely face, every beauty mark that kind of look like stars in a beautiful landscape,
your perfect little dimples that just complemented perfectly
the breathe-taking work of art you are.
And i beg you not to forget me,
because darling that's the last thing i'd ever do;
you're one of those lovers that leave a mark on your lips,
skin, on your heart and soul, forever.
You're unforgettable, no matter what.

And i kinda like it that way...
Mar 2016 · 415
jg Mar 2016
I still remember the first time you held my hand... i don't know if it was the night or the moonlight, or the coldness in my hands but ****, i felt the whole entire world rushing through my veins, i felt meteorites and galaxys bursting out of my heart, i felt millions of butterflies dancing inside of my stomach, i felt the glow of the stars shining us above and even our halos as they touched. I saw the world blurry and i felt it fade slowly as i realized how every little thing fit perfectly: my hands in his, and my lips against his.
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
Coming back home
jg Nov 2015
And here i find myself, thinking about the fact that life or fate whatever you want to call it, always carries me to you.
Everything leads me back to you, as if every little thing; the sunlight, the clouds, the stars, the air, the moon... are small boats carrying me back to you, back to your arms and lips that were once my home not much long ago...
#you #home #fate #life #universe #love
Nov 2015 · 2.0k
I envy the sun & the moon
jg Nov 2015
I envy the sun because when you're half asleep groggy and painfully unaware of how peaceful and beautiful you look, she kisses your lips with light.
But the moon, oh she's the luckiest of them all, shes the one who knows all your 3 am thoughts and secrets, I'm jealous because she knows your sheets that get to touch every part of you as you slowly fall asleep, she gets to feel your every breath falling like crashing thunder, she gets to admire your raw beauty in your most delicate and fragile state.
Oct 2015 · 626
My puzzle piece
jg Oct 2015
I was lying next to you when i realized you've slowly become the most important person in my life, and the thought of that made me feel afraid... I've never felt something like this before and it freaked me out because you've become that thing that I never ever want to lose, you've become a part of me, the piece that I've been searching for all along  in every thing and in every person .... the puzzle piece that makes me complete.
Sep 2015 · 371
In love with all of you
jg Sep 2015
I'm in love with every little piece of you ...I'm in love with your smile, your dimples and the sound of your laugh that warms me up in ways a cozy blanket couldn't, with all your imperfections, and with the work of art you simply are. I'm in love with your silly jokes that never fail to make me laugh and how you sometimes make my cheeks hurt from smiling too hard and with your sleepy voice and your cute sleepy kisses when you've just woken up from a nice nap, I'm even in love with the way you fall asleep, I love how you look; so unaware of how peaceful and beautiful you look, I love to admire your raw beauty in your most delicate and fragile state.  
I'm in love with your lips and I envy the cup of coffee or hot chocolate (cause you like both) that gets to kiss them every cold and beautiful morning and they're the only ones I want to feel against mine when I wake up at 3 am searching for comfort by someone who isn't myself.
I'm crazy about the way you look at me and the way you make me feel things that are just so indescribable, with the way you make me happy in a way no one else can because there isn't better place in the world than by your side, or even better, in your arms.
I'm in love with the fact that you've become my home... my safe comfortable and lovely home; the only place I'd like to arrive over and over again after a long exhausting trip.
I'm in love with the perfect sound of your voice that could even calm the oceans, I'm in love with when you hold my hands and how sometimes they get extra sweaty but I don't even mind because there's no other hands I'd rather hold, I'm in love with every inch of your skin, all of the small details; each and every birthmark that kind of look like stars in a mesmerizing landscape, and with all your insecurities, all your flaws and with the fact that you don't know how beautiful you are. Honestly I can't think of one thing about you I don't like because I could look at you even for a slight minute and I'd still find a hundred things I love about you and with each minute I spend with you I fall more deeply in love with you.
I'm in love with your mind, your thoughts, and your soul. I'm completely, utterly and entirely in love with all the little atoms that conform your beautiful self.
For you Honey, still and always.
Oct 2014 · 665
jg Oct 2014
Dont leave me alone
in this scary lonely darkness
Because when im left alone
Thats when the monsters come out
Thats when the voices inside my head start yelling
But you'll never notice
I can fake a smile
I can act like im strong all alone
But really, im crying inside alone.
Oct 2014 · 543
Left Unsaid
jg Oct 2014
Words unsaid
Hidden feelings
Unknown thoughts
Always afraid of being said
Oct 2014 · 761
Moonless Night
jg Oct 2014
It was a moonless night, The sky was dark and sad, just like her eyes
She's been a victim of all those memories and all those lies
But still remains so beautiful
I still can feel the touch of her hand
Her cold touch against the heat above my skin
Deceive, confused and speechless
Slience speaks when words cant you whispered
It was a moonless night, but it was a beautiful one
We promised each other as the stars shone above us
that we are left to keep the memories of what we felt and what we were.
Oct 2014 · 724
Left Behind
jg Oct 2014
All those memories
All those laughs
All the people
Who cured her frown
Who cured her broken heart
Now gone by the wind
Never coming back
All so far away
Now lays nothing
But the beautiful memories
of those who she loved
Aug 2014 · 611
What's hidden in her eyes
jg Aug 2014
Her eyes
Cold as ice
Looking, searching
As if they could guide me
As if they could be loved
As if they could almost reveal
whats in her heart

Her eyes, broken but lovely
Her eyes, the window to her soul
Her eyes keep secrets
Like if something were there
Deep in the heart and
close to the soul.
Aug 2014 · 328
I'll Be There
jg Aug 2014
While the stars hold the moon
While the clouds hold my heaven
While the sand holds my ocean
I'll be there
Holding you tight

— The End —