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PoeticPresident Jul 2017
I'm standing by your grave
and your presence is what I crave
It's you that i wish i could have saved
but right now, all i am is a slave
to all those humans that make me misbehave
Man i wish you here here
just smiling from ear to ear
with a cup full of beer
I swear your presence is what I adhere

I hate the man that ***** you
He's the one that dated you
You trusted him,
but I swear I didn't
I know you've got your reasons
but he gave you unworthy treason
You don't deserve that
I wish I could change that...

We would have been in the park right now
just making jokes and being all loud
or even at the club, dancing in the crowd
just enjoying the beat and sound
Man i miss those days
Just us in our old ways
not caring about what anybody says
and hating work but hoping that it pays

I miss you and your blue eyes
the ones that never told lies
They were so blue like the skies
with tears of peaceful cries
I was hoping that we'd never share goodbyes though

i just miss us
and the stupid stuff
And all those blunts we used to puff
and how we never felt bored
when we were together

I swear I hate that man
He makes my heart sour
It's him that i want to devour

Right now,
we could've been playing in the sand
or just listening to out favourite band
Maybe even planting flowers on this land
I swear I wanna take my hand
and just slap him in the face

It's you that I yearn for
I miss you to the core
I'm even just heart sore
And therefore,
I've come to your grave stone
because I couldn't call you on the phone
I just miss you,
and all that I'm saying is true
Many people aren't able to handle a death well, especially when it's someone close to them. In this case, it's a very good friend. So this poem is all about a young girl expressing her emotions to her friend's grave stone in a sense of actually talking to the friend.
PoeticPresident Jul 2017
Your fingertips
Heal me…
Just that soft touch to my face
When my tears stream down my face
Defining that my whole world
Had a hurricane
And that no sunny days
Are approaching
Just the rain
And the wind
And that bad vibe

But you can heal me…
Your fingertips
Have that soft touch
That mends my heart together
Without plasters but with magic
It’s touch turns my hair
Into fine wool
And my skin into soft silk
My eyes then become
Your favourite colour,
And all the rags become riches
And all the tears become
Nourishing water that heals
Only because of your touch

Please heal me
With your fingertips
That lay a soft touch on my body
Just caress the scars
And let them turn to brave soldiers
On my skin that fight back
To whatever tries to hurt me
I don’t want that depression
I don’t want that hurt

I just want your soft touch
I want your fingertips to heal me
I want them to spin my heart into gold
Just like the miller’s daughter with straw
In Rumpelstiltskin
Can you do that?
My back is brutally beaten
With twigs that have thorns
And bullets always pierce
Through my body
But knives constantly stab
Through my heart
Just stabbing
And stabbing
And stabbing
I need that to stop!
My back is hurting
And my body is numbing
But my heart no longer has
Oxygenated blood in it
Will you be able to touch it?
Will you be able to put
Your hand through my chest
And just touch my heart
With your soft bare hands
That feel like cotton candy
Not because it’s healing is sweet
But because it’s healing is gentle

Fact is
That your fingertips heal
They have a soft touch
So soft that they can turn
My heart amnesiac
I need to forget,
But I only need you
And your soft touch
To help me…
PoeticPresident Jun 2017
I look at the waves
and feel the ocean breeze;
the cold atmosphere to my skin
leaving me with goosebumps
But not until you come
and wrap your arms around me
We'd sit together and look at the stars
Play connect the dots
while trying to find the constellation
We form our own shapes
and talk about how we'll create
our own little Utopia
while looking at the midnight sky

the grapes you pop into my mouth
The sweetness is like the kisses
you plant on my lips,
even when I cry
And everything I do,
you wrap your arms around me
and let my tears wet your shirt
You then rub my back and remind me
that the good outweighs the bad
even on my darkest days

I swear you're magnetic
because even when you're away
I can still feel your aura
The burning passion and affection
that we have for each other
is predestined for eternity
But baby,
when we arrive home
the land will carry us
and we'll uphold our values
for pessimisstic beliefs
are just myths
because love does exist
And man, this one that we have
is sureal
It's real,
but it's like it's not
because it's like living in a fantasy
It's just orange soda you see
Tastes delicious
when it touches my taste buds
and goes down my throat
into my stomach

Tupac said to Jada
that she brings him
to ****** without ***
and baby, I give those words to you

I wanna live with you
even when we're ghosts
or magical creatures in Utopia
So that we can plant our love
on various people who are like us;
Predestined for eternity

You're my euphoria...
PoeticPresident Jun 2017
Feminine being you are intellectual
Don't disregard the pessimism;
let it perceive your strength
You may not be as muscular
as a body builder
but you are strong
Let your hips stride
from side to side
and express the pride
you have inside
Let your roots withstand your ground
for you petals are so profound
Let your nails be the thorns
of protection to the newly born
Let your bright eyes
have men be mesmerised
Let them drown into your soul
which they've now turned cold

for your temple is true pulchritude;
be conceit over that
Never let their intolerance
define all your flaws
for that dear brethren
doesn't carry your burden
You gave birth to an infant
from your womb on this land
So demand respect this instant
for you are hiding it in a tomb

I know you're narcissistic
I know you are!
So make this world optimistic
Please feminine being...
PoeticPresident Jun 2017
A man is no longer a man
after his forceful penetrance
has left an innocent soul shaken

Having them taste the fear
on their swollen tongues in disgust
Watering their taste buds
and giving the oesophagus an alert
Their eyes being flooded
with natural human salt water
as their hands shake like earthquakes
unable to grip anything
it lays itself on
Their knees numbing
making them tremble
to the dusty ground

With no access of liberation
to the soul
Subconscious sirens sound
like an emergency truck
911, what's your emergency?
"It's the end of the world"
it tells them
Lips hanging down
like water droplets
racing down a window
Inside screams are so loud
but no one can hear it

They can't run
They can't see
The certainly aren't audible

Stress to the head,
a headache occurs
So painful and strong
like like-poles of a magnet;
PoeticPresident Jun 2017
My burden is too heavy to carry
People of my race are dying
One can't walk on the side of the road
without having a bullet pierce
through their melanin bodies
or brown sugar
I can't accept the violence
I demand sacrifice to the wrong guidance
'Cause I can't sit and cry with a tissue
preparing a eulogy
for my blood brother and sister
who've been shot by the minority
I step foot on this ground
and declare an apology
Slave me not
for I am a human
Can't you see the protests ?
This is not a contest
What happened to the freedom knot ?

Equality and diversity?
- I can't accept the current adversity
Rights and responsibilities?
- But black beings are bein exposed
to vulnerability
Rules and regulations?
- I thought we had amalgamation

World War III ?
No ...
I want us to be free
PoeticPresident Jun 2017
Let me perceive my own strength
I am feminine
and I am beautiful

I want to encounter a man
that will find my every modern detail
That will see the glow
in my dark brown eyes
and tell every truth to them
as my ears listen

I want to encounter a man
that sees my striding hips
yet chooses to see the curve
that my smile makes

I want to encounter a man
who sees me as a flower;
a white tulip
or a purple orchid
and chooses to water me
rather than to pick me
One who makes me bloom
and not die

I want to encounter a man
who listens to every word I say
and respects my decisions
A man who prefers to listen
to my voice
rather than the music
on the radio

I want to encounter a man
that will dearly love
to put a ring in my finger
and vow to love me
even after death
as he'd never go ghost on me
A man that will rub my belly
for 9 months

— The End —