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PoeticPresident Jun 2017
A man is no longer a man
after his forceful penetrance
has left an innocent soul shaken

Having them taste the fear
on their swollen tongues in disgust
Watering their taste buds
and giving the oesophagus an alert
Their eyes being flooded
with natural human salt water
as their hands shake like earthquakes
unable to grip anything
it lays itself on
Their knees numbing
making them tremble
to the dusty ground

With no access of liberation
to the soul
Subconscious sirens sound
like an emergency truck
911, what's your emergency?
"It's the end of the world"
it tells them
Lips hanging down
like water droplets
racing down a window
Inside screams are so loud
but no one can hear it

They can't run
They can't see
The certainly aren't audible

Stress to the head,
a headache occurs
So painful and strong
like like-poles of a magnet;

— The End —