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Jul 2017
I'm standing by your grave
and your presence is what I crave
It's you that i wish i could have saved
but right now, all i am is a slave
to all those humans that make me misbehave
Man i wish you here here
just smiling from ear to ear
with a cup full of beer
I swear your presence is what I adhere

I hate the man that ***** you
He's the one that dated you
You trusted him,
but I swear I didn't
I know you've got your reasons
but he gave you unworthy treason
You don't deserve that
I wish I could change that...

We would have been in the park right now
just making jokes and being all loud
or even at the club, dancing in the crowd
just enjoying the beat and sound
Man i miss those days
Just us in our old ways
not caring about what anybody says
and hating work but hoping that it pays

I miss you and your blue eyes
the ones that never told lies
They were so blue like the skies
with tears of peaceful cries
I was hoping that we'd never share goodbyes though

i just miss us
and the stupid stuff
And all those blunts we used to puff
and how we never felt bored
when we were together

I swear I hate that man
He makes my heart sour
It's him that i want to devour

Right now,
we could've been playing in the sand
or just listening to out favourite band
Maybe even planting flowers on this land
I swear I wanna take my hand
and just slap him in the face

It's you that I yearn for
I miss you to the core
I'm even just heart sore
And therefore,
I've come to your grave stone
because I couldn't call you on the phone
I just miss you,
and all that I'm saying is true
Many people aren't able to handle a death well, especially when it's someone close to them. In this case, it's a very good friend. So this poem is all about a young girl expressing her emotions to her friend's grave stone in a sense of actually talking to the friend.
Written by
PoeticPresident  18/F
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