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We all need to be a bit more like the first picture taken

Raw, unfiltered, and all our flaws are showing
They all called karma a *****
But she's a saint compared to timing
We judge girls for starving themselves
We call them ungrateful, insecure, and shameful

We judge girls for loving themselves
We call them conceited, slutty, and vain

We command girls to love themselves
But only as long as no one else can hear
"Okay, you get one question. Anything you want to ask me. Nothing's off the table."

"If I... What if... Would you ever... Do you think that after all that I did, could you ever consider giving me a sec-"


There was a long silence. All he could do was focus on resisting the insanely intense magnetic pull dragging him towards her lips.

"Okay, my turn. How long do I have to wait for you to accept the fact that we're meant to be together?"
I don't think I've actually written a poem
It's always felt as if I was rather discovering it as I went along
You stabbed me in the back
so I stabbed my wrist.
You snickered at my pain
so I let some blood drip.

Now that I'm content,
I say "Baby, I love you".
You reply the same,
but only one of them is true.
(c) Ryan Kane - 2017
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I'm not sure exactly when it started
I just can't remember the last time I wasn't tired
when i'm wrapped up in your arms
i open up your heart
like a treasure chest
and channel all the light
in the entire universe
straight into your body

i don't know if it works
(my powers might be imaginary)
but i try anyway
because you deserve to feel the power
of a billion stars
inside your chest
Breathe it in
Take it all in,
And don't you dare let it go
Look around you
Take time to see the trees
To count the stars
To paint a million sunsets
Look around but do not see
Hear with your eyes
Do not merely see an ocean's waves
Hear the rhythm with your eyes
But do not just see
Still holding that breath in?
Now it's time to let it go
Let go of the whispering voices at school
Release yourself from their words
What they say isn't true
Let it all out
Let it all go
You're stronger than them
Rise above their words
But be careful that the thin air on this mountain
Doesn't suffocate you
Remember to breathe
something i believe with all of my heart
the exact moment you are hurt, you hurt
without warning you are torn apart
you hurt yourself and those around you
darkness isn't something you can easily outsmart
but i will say piece by piece and day by day
you will learn to heal and your life will restart
((people who are hurt, hurt other people
= "hurt people hurt people"))
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