Maybe one day you will love me
But if not
Please know how thankful I am for your kind eyes and tender heart in my life

You are a beautiful thing
A tender spirit
Residing within a lion's heart
I'm not sure how you manage to be so strong and fragile at the same time
All I know is how I adore you
And hope one day,
To be half the woman you are

You have to understand
It is easier to suffocate myself with wine
Than drown in my tears

I don't pay that much attention to who is holding me
As long as there's someone to keep the pieces together for a night
Whoever's arms they are doesn't really matter
I'm not looking to fall in love
I'm trying not to fall apart

This is your last poem my love
You have taken enough of my words and I will now give them to someone else
Eternity will read of you but I no longer love you
I have let you go

So go
Chase your dreams and conquer your demons
Fill your soul with unimaginable joy
We are no longer tied together
I have cut the last string
There is nothing left of us

But if you ever get lost
And look back to the moments in which you loved me
Remember it always as time when you were so tenderly and unconditionally

How positively twisted is life
That for years I spent writing you letters thanking you for being the love of my life

And now only a year has passed
And I am writing poems for strangers to tell them all that I have become in your absence

I look to the moon
He silently nods
And we both hold onto each other
Thankful there is someone else out there
Willing to bear our secrets in the dark
Because the truth hurts and the sun is too revealing for all the things we end up doing at night

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