You were a good thing for a wonderful period of time
And then you were a terrible thing for a long period of time

And it was this
Watching you change and our tangled lives slowly unweaving themselves from each other
Which taught me the beginning of the complexities of human beings

I would sit in the dark
With the moonlight pouring in
And I would fall asleep telling myself
That everything would be alright
Because we fell asleep to the same stars each night

But I don't think you ever took the time to look at the stars when I wasn't there
And you certainly did not acknowledge the moon that always lent me a listening ear

The moon and I,
We don't say much tonight
He doesn't mention he sees you with another girl
And I pretend that losing you didn't shatter my world

Men were constantly commenting on how complicated she was
And maybe she was just that complicated
But I wasn't convinced
Because if you listened to her at all
You'd know
That all she ever wanted
Was simply someone to take her

Little thunderstorm
Never worry whether you were too foreword
Or too much
Because this broken world has forgotten what it is like to love and be loved in wholes
It is not your fault that the world hides from you
Most people don't realize the goodness that comes with the tempest that you are

There is a box
On the top shelf
In the corner of my closet
That I have to climb if I want to reach it

It is filled with everything left over from us

I don't open it anymore
Most weeks go by and I forget it's even there

I hope you're happy
And I hope sometimes you think about me too

Her arms felt like summer grass
And her body was as strong as mountains
She had oceans for eyes
And whispered like the wind

She was Mother Earth
Holding her precious ones close
Trying to show them the beauty of the world
And the grace in letting go

Sticks and stones
Broke my bones
And you're words forever haunt me

Bruises fades
Wounds will heal
But you left my soul forever bleeding

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