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Nathan Wilson Jan 2016
Look in the mirror and all I see,
Is darkness looking back at me.
Corrupted, crushed, and black.
No way to get back on track.
Lost in the shadow of my reflection.
Dying slowly from infection.
Nathan Wilson Jan 2016
A new year, if only I could just sleep through all 365 days.
Dream beautiful dreams because I hate this reality.
Clouds gather, rain pours, and the sky is gray.
I pull the covers back over my head and close my eyes.
Because what my mind conjurs is better than real life.
Dreams give unlimited options, you see.
I can fly in the sky or swim deep in the sea.
Talk to bird, crack jokes with a fish.
Ah to live in a dream who would not wish?
If only, if only I could spend the year asleep.
For my dreams are like vacations, only cheap.
Nathan Wilson Dec 2015
I fight just to stay alive.
But I tell them I'm fine.
I'm just lonely.
So I draw you in.
To fill the void.
I embrace the sin.
But then the tables turned.
I played and got burned.
There was always something I couldn't resist.
But now it's like I don't exist.
Forever cursed to walk alone.
With no where to call home.
Nathan Wilson Dec 2015
I miss my home.
As I walk along this long and lonely road.
Exiled for **** I didn't do.
No one cared but you.
Although now it seems like you didn't care too.
You just let me leave.
And pretended to grieve.
But I came back to ask you something.
That's when I saw you in his arms.
He was seduced by your charms.
I walked away vowing to be somebody.
To bring the world to its knees.
And when I return with my new fame and wealth.
You'll beg me to take you back.
But I'll throw your heart in the dirt
Like a worthless flirt deserves.
Nathan Wilson Dec 2015
I tried to be perfect.
But no one seemed worth it.
No one believed in me.
Trust me, it wasn't easy.
So I let my soul grow dark
Unwilling to continue this farce.
I threw off the shackles of society.
The expectations weigh heavy.
But I shrug them off and continue on.
Determined to make it, standing strong.
I bare my soul before God and man.
Darkness is real, it's no sham.
And though it resides in me.
I refuse to let myself be.
A slave to my humanity.
I rise above the rest.
And become one who has withstood the test.
I transcend the masses and strike down.
All who seek to steal my crown.
For vengeance I am and death is my hand.
I deal it out and upon their souls I brand.
My mark, the sign of the one.
Nathan Wilson Dec 2015
Yes, I know you tend to abuse me.
But you're the most beautiful thing I see.
Your words cut deep and my eyes water.
Chipping away, my spirit you slaughter.
Yet I still desperately need you.
You're like this intoxicating brew.
That I can't seem to have enough of.
I love the way your looks sting.
The way you bring me to my knees.
I beg you, don't ever leave me.
Nathan Wilson Dec 2015
Is anybody there, do you hear me crying?
Is anybody there to witness me dying?
Left all alone in the dakness of night.
My blood runs red, I've lost this fight.
Before the sun went dark.
It shined light into my heart.
Now it's just disorder.
Welcome to the new world order.
All hell breaks lose and chaos reigns.
And here I lay, slain.
While my life drains.
From my open veins.
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