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 Oct 2016 Nathan Wilson
Give me an idea of how many stars there are,
And I will tell you the color of your eyes;
For the celestial bodies are innumerable,
And your eyes too much to name a shade.

(c) 2016 Indigo Kenna
 Oct 2016 Nathan Wilson
A warm whisper
so close to your ear
your soul can hear
and your heart can feel
that I mean it.
From here the trees look black
Mourning the loss of time
Chasms in a sky of slurry grey
Relatable and untouchable

There's no pulse
Forsaken and lost to the cares of others
Sentries of a land doused in fog
Immune to the forces of nature

It's not a deafening silence
It's that sound left here
Fearing it too may suffer this fate

Complacency prevails the spirit
No sense to be found in searching
Only more of the same beyond
A world void of light

This forest in my head
I walked too far
we sweat the small stuff and get upset
ready to deflect what we don't expect
storms spread and we get so wet
bad weather that we'd rather forget

we preset our heads to reject
whatever we don't see as correct
we've all bled and shed tears of regret
it's our necks that we try to protect

when letting two hearts connect
reverence has the better effect
it's the common threads that we neglect
instead of accepting we choose to except
A man with many faces
Is a man with the cleverest lies
He knows how to hide his secrets
And keep them from prying eyes

A man with many masks
Is a man with a practiced smile
He knows how to end his foes
And act their friend all the while

A man with many ears
Is a man who won't be surprised
He knows what his enemies plan
And he acts out the perfect reprise

A man with many faces
Is a man who will live long and well
But ask yourself this, my friend
Will he live in heaven or hell?
 Oct 2016 Nathan Wilson
Ryan Long
Forged in flame
Cooled in blood
Sharpened with souls
Cleaned of crud

I pick up my sword
Pull it out of the sheath
It becomes a part of me
It's bloodlust begins to seethe

I focus on the blade before me
In it's sheen I see the battle
I envision slaying my enemies
I hear our armor rattle

On the battlefield it looks as if there are
Two behemoths fighting for dominance
Thousands of men on each side
Forming one consciousness

As we rush towards each other
A sudden moment of quiet
Then like the release of a storm
A roaring thunder to break what was silent

In that instant we clash
My soul becomes war thirsty
I lose myself in the drums of war
It drives me to an insanity

I slash with my sword,
I block with my shield
I fight beside my brothers
We will never yield

In that moment I blink
my world becomes black
I come back to myself
The fire makes a pop and crack

My skin glistens with sweat
Sitting under my tree,
Polishing my sword
No one around but me

I close my eyes and breath deep
Making myself calm once more
I have the drive and hunger
The need to go to war
 Jan 2016 Nathan Wilson
 Jan 2016 Nathan Wilson
2015 left me with some good advice...

life is not nice
life is not fair
life does not care
life does not share
life does not love
life is a ***** and she's tough!!!

I just pray 2016 has mercy on me,*

because I've had *enough
If you could swim inside this womb
to take a warm slow bath in the blood,
I’d piece together those moments
of borrowed flesh

I am conjurer crafting
water from stagnant air and
I eat fire to rinse my bones
clean of the soot

I have risen from insolvent wing
to remake the dead into eternal things
I have birthed the big bang with the
Friction of my lips

Some of the dead have been named
And shot through the roots
to live on deciduous

We belong inside the belly of this world
Playing tag to wind songs and *******
with naked eyes
 Dec 2015 Nathan Wilson
Amy Ems
i see the swirling in your eyes of empty promises and lies
your thundering words tear me apart so you can lightning strike my heart
your breath can chill my atmosphere each time you whisper in my ear
you say take shelter in my arms but my head's ringing with alarms

i know you've ruined me before and if i try i'll be harmed more
but something in me is at peace knowing my sorrow soon will cease
your clouds are swollen with regret, so please let me help you forget
the sweet potential of relief is all i need to bear this grief

the tears of rain take hours to come, but when they do i'm finally numb
as darkness shrouds all i once knew, i realize what i must do
first i must bury all my hurt and pray it's safe beneath the dirt
then i'll run closer to the storm in hopes to turn your cold front warm

i close my eyes so i can't see the damage that you'll do to me
but i can feel my soul grow dim as your winds sweep me up to Him
it was my choice to pay the price, please don't reject my sacrifice
my only plea is that you give your next real love a chance to live
i'm writing again because of you
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