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NahKe Sep 2017
Sleeping beauty, I'm a mess.
Asleep by my side.
You just shut your eyes.
Dreaming about a life, which hopefully includes mine.
Peaceful and alive, you feed my pride.
I wish you were mine; though I know it's a wish never to be granted,
I'll keep in mind, the pain that your "past" did.
The look on your face as you continue sleeping has me worried.
Why does it seem like you're hurting,
in a place where you shouldn't feel deserted?
You pull up close to me, yet you feel so distant.
What do I gotta do to make you feel existent?
Sleeping Beauty, you wreck me.
Asleep by my side.
You just opened your eyes.
I just want to help her with her struggles.
NahKe Aug 2015
What should you do when even smiling becomes overrated; when feelings are history, and emotions are mysteries?

What should you do when you've loved, and lost, but the pain created by loss, over mastered the love you've received?

What should you do when all you wanna be is yourself, but society declares that girls should look like Barbies and guys should be like Superman?

What should you do when you want to have a face-to-face conversation, but your inner-circle is too busy scrolling down the outer-circle's timeline.?

What should you do when all you want is unity, but racism is ascending faster than a race car on its last lap?

What should you do when you're scared of what tomorrow holds, because of the results and actions of our generation being obsessed with saying "YOLO"?

What should you do when you have everything you've ever wanted, except happiness?

What should you do when you want to live, but all that there's left to do is survive?
open ending
NahKe Jul 2015
Who needs dreams,
when you have your thoughts?
Who needs a good image,
when you can just take shots?
Not just the tequila, or alcohol in general
but also drugs, or bullets..
that could lead to your funeral.
  May 2015 NahKe
Kasey Lee
There is always a risk to dating your best friend.
If you break up, you loose a big part of your life.
Your best friend.
Losing your best friend hurts.
It feels like no one is really there for you anymore.
I mean, who would be?
The one you trusted most broke your heart.
It feels like you're walking through a never-ending dark forest.
No light at the end.
The forest full of thorns.
Scraping and bruising you through this difficult time.
Anyone who tries to help you is shut down,
You can't trust them anyway.
Losing your best friend is a pain no one should have to endure.

But friendship is an involuntary relfex -Ted Mosby

After a while, you forget why you were fighting.
You forget the bad parts of the relationship,
And remember the good of the friendship.
You start to talk more again.
You laugh together again, like old times.
Still some weird moments, but they seem to bring you closer.

When this happens, you'll know...
The hardest part is over.

Best friends always go through ups and downs.
They fight.
They ignore each other.
But if you're really best friends,

You always find a way back to each other.

*The hardest part is over.
The very true things I learned recently..
NahKe May 2015
There is a child walking on the street,
by her own, begging for something to eat.
Hundreds are passing by daily,
none paying attention to her, all ignoring little Bailey.

After a long day of begging and pleading,
she lays down in her cardboard mansion, which is not even near pleasing.
Hours go by as she thinks about her life,
no family, no friends, not even some place she could rent.

What does it mean To be loved?
No parents, no siblings; is there really someone above?
She wonders why she had been the one left alone,
seven years, with no one to hold.

Love..does it exist?
Maybe in a husband, a pet, or a kid.
''But who would accept me like this?''
No foster family, no orphanage; I'm just a Misfit.
I  don't know where this came from.
Literally just jotted this down in my journal.
  May 2015 NahKe
Simply Lost
I really just want to cry,
Just let it all out.

I don't know why
I feel this filled with doubt.

I'm kind of done
And I no longer see the fun
In prolonging this pain.

There's nothing I could do..
I just can't keep sane.


As I look around,
I see smiles,
Hear laughs
which makes me wonder...
How these people can live without breaking a sweat.

It's pretty inspiring they can stay
This strong ...
I used to be strong,
But then I grew weak
And ended up doing the wrong
That shan't be speaked.

Since then I have started to pray
Every single day for his help
To get me through this horrid phase.

But...I guess I don't pray hard enough
Have a big enough faith.

The reality,I assume,is
I'm forever lost in this place.
  Apr 2015 NahKe
Word Therapy
Some people have an IT that they must face
A beast ahead or demon on the shoulder
For them the IT is writ in upper case.

I fear that many men hide every trace
Of tears and self in masks appearing bolder
Some people have an IT that they must face

And those who gaze transfixed at the sheer pace
Of life's descent to dust, to rust and moulder,
For them the IT is writ in upper case.

My beauty meets her monsters every place.
And though I'm often there to hug and hold her
My darling has an IT that she must face

She battles them with discipline and grace
And lives by dint of detail, file and folder
Each labelled by an IT in upper case.

Though time will always catch us in the chase
It's fear of living true that turns us colder
Some people have an IT that they must face
For them the IT is writ in upper case.
I decided to try the 'villanelle' form after reading 'One Art' by Elisabeth Bishop.
This is the first poem I've written.
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