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Jun 2020 · 165
Unfinished Story
Mr Poet Jun 2020
Some stories are meant to be unfinished
Its not that I want this but;
It's better left untouched
Jun 2020 · 306
The Farewell Letter
Mr Poet Jun 2020
Every time that we're together, my feelings for you gets deeper and deeper. You just didn't know cause you're blinded by the happiness it makes. I decided not to tell you because I know that we're both enjoying it. If we need to go on separate ways and I couldn't tell you this, then thank you for everything.
This was written for my previous colleague whom I'm unable to confess my feelings with.
Jun 2020 · 143
Your appearance
Mr Poet Jun 2020
I like it when you're not smiling
For you are so fierce yet loveable on the inside
Jun 2020 · 1.1k
Wanderer of Love
Mr Poet Jun 2020
She who wanders into the road
Also wanders in someone's heart
Seeking for a faithful dove
Yet she seeks a faithful love
May 2020 · 126
Mr Poet May 2020
It all started with just the three of us
Then you introduced your friends
Until they became my friends

We started hanging out on our old apartment
Until you guys made it a habit;
We party 'til morning came
Which I shared my small bed afterwards

We were like this for almost a year
Then changes happened;
Some of them go
And some stay

We were forced to part ways
Just as I left the apartment
Leaving all the memories behind

I'm glad that i met all of you
even for a short period of time
You guys are the best thing
that ever happened to me
Heavily inspired by The 1975.
Based on true happenings.
May 2020 · 90
Mr Poet May 2020
Quarantine is almost nearly over

So as my feelings that slowly fades from within my heart

Like the feather-like seeds of a dandelion after being blown by the wind

Ready to start over again

...and bloom
May 2020 · 101
Undeniable Truth
Mr Poet May 2020
It's a shame how most people ignore literature nowadays.

And how we're being rejected in the world of social media.

It hurts isn't it?

Gladly, there's always a sanctuary for every chaotic place we have here in this world.

Like a dinosaur who delve into a hellish pit in order to find a paradise that none of them knows if exists.

Hello Poetry, or should I say, Hello Sanctuary. Which is a paradise for us dinosaurs who gladly compliments each others works.

Someone once said "I write because nobody listens" and now, I write only for those people who wants to listen.
May 2020 · 318
Temporary Smile
Mr Poet May 2020
No matter how much of a burden you have for a while
Just let your emotions die and put on a temporary smile
Inspired by the people who fakes a smile to conceal their sadness.
May 2020 · 138
Mr Poet May 2020
Even these past few months I can still feel your warmth.
May 2020 · 585
Mr Poet May 2020
Mesmerized by your beauty
I am forever yours truly
May 2020 · 311
Unaffected Love
Mr Poet May 2020
Your friends says you're a fool for loving me
My friends says I'm stupid for loving you

We may be hearing these negative feedbacks from them;
But it won't hinder us from loving each other

They can call you deaf
They can call me blind
But whatever they say
It won't make-up my mind
May 2020 · 370
Broken plans
Mr Poet May 2020
Things could've been perfect
If it went out as planned
May 2020 · 188
How to end this storm
Mr Poet May 2020
Is this love?
I can't seem to explain it

Aside from the raindrops crawling onto my skin
I can feel the warmth of your body as you hug me

I only want your hug
Yet you gave me a kiss

It's like I'm requesting for a rain
Yet a storm arrives
May 2020 · 97
Foolish Love
Mr Poet May 2020
"love is for fools" she said
i'll tell you everything I know
so listen

it's because
she's been betrayed
cheated, and

i know it all
because i'm there

it all started because of her impression of love
she used to think that love is just a game

i insist to mend her broken heart but she refused
she left
she moved town
without me knowing

now, we haven't met for years
i'm thinking she's okay now
and i'm happy for her
May 2020 · 252
Forgotten friendship
Mr Poet May 2020
How are you?
I heard you now have your own family
I'm happy for you
just so you know

I saw you downtown few days ago
You look pale
Are you okay?

By the way
I'm writing this to let you know that I still care for you like I always do
I still
You hadn't contacted me these past few years

We're still friends right?
May 2020 · 145
Mr Poet May 2020
How are you now?
Whatever you're doing
I hope you're fine

I was all alone
Ever since you left
It scared me to think what will happen to me when I pass away like you do

It's been months since I last heard your voice
your laugh

I can't wait to be with you
I heard from the doctor
She said that I won't last a week
My disease is getting worse day by day
May 2020 · 170
Flowers along the Coast
Mr Poet May 2020
Earlier, I picked flowers along the coast
It was a pleasant morning
even after I woke up;
I've put the flowers in the vase at the table as usual
Then water it
We could have spent our time sitting in the grass you know
If you didn't left too soon

I miss you!
Apr 2020 · 170
Our parting ways
Mr Poet Apr 2020
All these places were once colorful and bustling with life.
Until we choose our separate ways and all that's left are ruins, memories and lessons in life.
Apr 2020 · 280
Gone gone gone
Mr Poet Apr 2020
If you woke up one day and I'm not beside you; stay strong and accept the fact that I'm gone. That's how cruel life is.
Apr 2020 · 115
Hatred in Life
Mr Poet Apr 2020
It doesn't matter what life brings you, life stinks, get used to it. The only question here is how will you handle it.
Mr Poet Apr 2020
Full of sorrow your life may seem
Little did you know there's an awaiting dream
Continue to live your sorrowful life
For what I know you'll achieve a deserving light

— The End —