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yv 1d
The words I love you
Was said too much
It lost its meaning
yv 5d
Can you still love me when I am a mess? When my tears start to fall and all else goes wrong?

Can you still love me when I fail? When the whole world is going against me?

Can you still love me when you see me, the real me? When you realize that I have a **** ton of heavy baggage?

Will you still love me when I can't even love myself?
yv 6d
where did it go?
did the monster called reality
ate the smile on your face?
yv 7d
Here we go again
Trying to stop tears falling
Just smile once again
  Jun 17 yv
Jackson Thomas
I write about
Singularity, and
But I suppose the truth is
I'm not lonely.
In fact,
I can't get these
People, these
Devils, these
Out of my head,
Out of this slit
in my brain
Out of the back
of my mind.
I wake up
Only to find
My state gets
As they grind,
They dull its pieces
They feed
on its pieces
And the voices are
They're booming
And they just get louder
As the clock is ticking
and my ears are ringing
and my eyes are stinging,
and my head is spinning,
Yet those
Voices are
Still clinging.
yv Jun 17
You. You are a ray of sunshine
Mine. My source of happiness
We. I thought we were happy

You. You were that guy I never had
Mine. Maybe it was my fault
We. We just weren't meant to be

You. It was always you and you again
Mine. I'll never be able to call you mine
We. We cannot be, you and I, missed our chance
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