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Blooming Words Jul 2017
Identity its a funny thing isnt it
No one really knows for sure the definition
Is it who we are
What others think we are
Or who we strive to become
Is it our ideas and thoughts memories and expericences
Or the smiles we give to those walking down the street
No one really keeps the same identity for long
Always Shifting and changing
Sometimes we run from it and other times towards it
The world tries to shape it and so do we
But the only real question that needs to be answered is
who am i to me?
Blooming Words Jun 2017
10 degrees west
just a little more
almost there
but nearly missed
10 degrees west
push for the end
see it over the hill
10 degrees west
always trying
forever climbing
sometimes crying
10 degrees west
just out of sight
just not enough
just try harder
10 degrees west
I stay off track
absorb the beauty
and forge my own
10 steps forward
Blooming Words Jun 2017
they all try to grab an arm
a leg an ear a hair
they all think if they can just take one bit it will be okay
but no there is nothing left
and I realised they were never pulling up
they were pushing me under
Blooming Words May 2017
she was so focused on figuring out the flaws of people
she forgot to look for the strengths
the good
so she was left thinking
people ultimately are only a mess
but yet she was never able to see
and take a step back to figure out
we are all a mess
but together
we are an artwork
Blooming Words Apr 2017
I breathe
it fills my lungs
the atmosphere if warmth that surrounds
as I stand
amongst the mess that yu have somehow
made perfect
Yet I don't understand why
you choose me
every single time
Blooming Words Apr 2017
tell me
tell me I'm beautiful
tell me I'm worth it
tell me that I mean something
tell me who I am
tell me how I've changed
tell me who I'm meant to become
tell me before i tell you
Blooming Words Apr 2017
she was so influenced by others
language, character, looks
no one knew who she truly was
or if she could ever be
just her
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