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Jan 22 · 48
meqan Jan 22
the moon once ensorcelled me,
it left me quite confused.
for i could never understand,
how it quickly moved.

sitting in the backseat
of a moving car.
i would watch with curious eyes,
waiting for it to stay back far.

but that never happened,
and it always kept close.
the moon was my friend,
it was what i needed most.
don't know how i feel about this one, but it's okay.
this is probably just free verse,
but it might fit the criteria for a different style
of poetry.
Jan 22 · 254
burning and freezing
meqan Jan 22
fingers burn like fire.
the cold winter wind nips them;
burning and freezing.
Jan 22 · 87
meqan Jan 22
skin on skin,
heart to heart.

i would rather die,
than be apart.
Jan 21 · 50
meqan Jan 21
invisible strings;
tugging on my eyelashes,
slowly closing them.
i don’t want to fall asleep,
for i might never wake up.
when i was younger,
i feared sleeping because
i was constantly plagued
with nightmares.
Jan 21 · 219
meqan Jan 21
anger tends to creep up silently,
much like a cat would to its prey.

anger dwells in the pit of your stomach,
slowly eating away all other emotions.

it steals your happiness, your pride,
your everything.

until you’re nothing more than
a ball of anger and sadness.
free verse poem.

— The End —