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Dr Strange Mar 2016
Good Afternoon,

The following should not be televised but is sadly the truth

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Bang Bang
Well look at what we have here
Another black boy laying on the ground dead
Bang Bang
Two more white boys on the ground gasping for air
Screaming in pain and agony as the blood gushes from their open wounds
**** it!
When will it end
When will the endless of cycle of violence come to an end
Just last week a four year old was shot in the face in a shootout between the white man and a ******
Call the police someone screamed
No, please don't
They don't understand how to handle situations like thisĀ 
They'll only make it worse I promise you that
Run, run like the wind or this really will be the end
No that's my son the ******'s momma screams
Her son is on the ground praying for his life
I don't wanna die,i don't wanna die,he cries at the top of his lungs
I'm sorry Joseph, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I'm sorry I couldn't avenge you
You see Joseph was his little brother who was shot and killed by a white cop two weeks before
He was a straight A student who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time
Now we are here big bro seeking revenge for his little brother's death
How noble but now death seeks to reap another life lost in the shadows
**** it the 5.0 is here, disperse
Dang it big bro is dead, and momma just froze appalled by what she just witnessed
The sky really is a painted mural made of blood
Sad tale both ended by the hands of a cop

Now the white man's story was a bit different
Long ago he was a proud member of society
He helped a lot of people rise up when they fell to their knees
Then one day he and his family was sitting at the dinning room table eating the dinner his wife just prepared
It all happened so suddenly he proclaimed
Seven black males burst through the front door and gunned them down in matter of seconds
He was the only survivor, in a single night he lost his entire livihood
Now he is just this hollowed out corps floating in a black ocean
He began to hear voices in his head telling him to **** them all
Thus Joseph life was stolen and left in a dark ally behind the middle of nowhere
Bang Bang
Now this story begins once again
Will the violence ever come to an end
Madzq Apr 2015
The air was crisp and clean and clear,
The huntsman knew his time had come.
He gathered all equipment and gear.
Then shined and polished his gun.
He took a step, his boots polished black.
To his tiny little wife he blew a kiss back
Off, he was, to capture his prized buck.
She waved goodbye wishing him luck.

He got to his post, stood there and waited.
Patiently, with his traps he had baited.
For a time he remained quiet and still.
This kind of game was his kind of thrill.
Lo and behold, with rage and adrenaline
A perfect opportunity made its rise.
He steadied his rifle, an expert marksman.
He shot the young buck between its eyes.

In a moment it was done
And the huntsman had won.
The poor creature had no chance to fight.
It had fallen to the earth
No cry made it's birth
A silent victim in the night.

Time had come for homebound journey,
With the sun setting on both heads.
Only one of them back with family,
The other became family's dread.
The huntsman took his brand new trophy
And hung high the brown skinned creature.
Hand in hand with his wife he stood boldly
"I was the one to end this ******."

— The End —