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Mable Erina Apr 28
I remember this day pretty well.
I remember this was the day that I knew you were the best decision of my life.
That we did it.
That you were mine and I was yours.
I remember every time I kissed you felt especially magical that night.
I remember you waltzing out of the bathroom.
I remember I felt invincible.
Like anything could happen and nothing could break us.
Like we were flying through galaxies at the speed of light,
but time was still.
Your eyes, forever the perfect color.
Your laugh, forever my favorite memory. Chicken-chicken a hilarious late night.
Dancing in the kitchen to no music.
Walking down the street in the darkness.
Falling off scooters.
Riding one two many on one.
Telling me I have the body of a Goddess.
Making love all day, only to cuddle in between. No food needed. Just love. All day. Every day.

I’m sorry if I ruined it. But all I want Is so have it back.
Dennis Allen, I love you with my whole heart. I want this to work. You’re love, your cricket, your cielo.
Mable Erina Dec 2019
This is ******* breaking me to pieces,
but if this is going to be a goodbye I want you to know some things:

1) I used to always wonder why I wasn’t good enough for you.
People told me I did too much for you, that I tried to hard for you.
But I didn’t believe that.

2) I thought  ‘maybe I’m not pretty enough.’
‘Maybe I’m not outgoing enough.’  
‘Maybe I’m not smart enough.’
‘Maybe I’m not strong enough.’

3)So I worried and worked on these things.
Trying to gain confidence.
Trying to gain composer.
But I was gaining all this attention and not yours.

4) Truth is you liked me for me,
but I was too blind to see.

5) I didn’t know there was an eternal battle.

6) I didn’t know it was your own thing.

7) I didn’t know you Really loved me.

8) I always wondered why it wasn’t me?

9) Why couldn’t you be addicted to me?

Why can’t I be “her” ?

Why can’t he call me?

When will he see me?

10) But he did.
I just wasn’t most important.
  Nov 2019 Mable Erina
If you're hurt, let it hurt today.
Cry over silly reasons.
Hold your breath for a while.
Then, only then, you'll be able to let go.
Mable Erina Oct 2019
I now have “The Day it felt over” picture.
It’s unreal.
I am currently in shock or maybe denial, at this point.
It was sad yesterday, but this,
I don’t know this is real?
I guess... your attitude seems to have changed.
But you say I’ve changed too,
I guess you didn’t like the better me.
Well, I like the better you.
Go do what you need to do,
I’m supporting you from afar.
If you need me, I’m here.
I miss you already.
Thank you for everything.
I love you, I always will.
I wish I could just give this to you. But I’m tired and I just want to cry every time I talk.
Mable Erina Sep 2019
You’re not a quitter.
Where’s the fight in you girl?
You don’t give up.
You were never one to give up.

I know you’re tired.
I know you feel so weak.
But it’s not over. It’s never over until you say it’s over.
Keep fighting.
Keep pushing.

You love yourself.
You have to.
How can you expect anyone to love you, if you don’t?
You can’t.
So love that little girl.
Even when she’s weak,
even when she wants to give up,
even when she’s hurting,
because she’s worth it.
You’re worth it.
Remember, you can cry,
but only standing up.
Mable Erina Jun 2019
Everything that is wrong and right with the world.
Mable Erina Nov 2018
Over the years,
  I have learned that I am fantastic at fixing lonely.
  So fantastic, I often forget my own lonely.
Some times me and lonely sit together.
  Burning pictures of our enemies.
Which look a lot like me.
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