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Apr 2020 · 96
amidst the everything
Lari Z Apr 2020
my thoughts quiet
the stars still shine
the birds still sing
chocolate’s still sweet
and I am still
Aug 2018 · 232
poem 15: dream
Lari Z Aug 2018
a tilting planet
sun sets and sways
but i am rooted to the ground.
Lari Z Jan 2018
it's been five hours since I started internet surfing.
Look away from the screen.
Breathe in, out.

Body check:
Am I stiff?
         Consciously relax my shoulders, my arms, my face.
         Adjust my position.
How am I feeling:

Am I tense because of:
a full bladder or number two?

Pause, then rise up and do it.
A washroom or stretch break.
A sweater, a snack.
Short exercise.

Then resume, or stop for the day.
Not really a poem. Thought process to calm myself down when I get stuck.
Lari Z Jan 2018
your happiness is my joy
your grief, my burden

I laugh when you laugh
I cry beside you

When you are angry, I lash out
I panic when you are anxious

but is it you or me?
and does it matter?

I am only built for my own emotions...
either i'm highly sensitive or too empathic or it's all in my head.
Jan 2018 · 389
Poem 12:
Lari Z Jan 2018
The sound of snowflakes
is peace. Many snowflakes: both
beauty and bother.
Hello poetry kept deleting my poems on Jan. 15...@_@
Jan 2018 · 1.7k
poem 10: ADHD
Lari Z Jan 2018
my thoughts are buzzing
my trains of thought colliding
what was I saying?
Jan 2018 · 209
Poem 9
Lari Z Jan 2018
that feeling of making music with you
of singing
and harmonizing

is why I love a choir
Jan 2018 · 338
Poem 8: a reminder
Lari Z Jan 2018
sometimes it doesn't matter
that you're not as capable
as smart
as organized
as sociable

you are willing
willing to learn
willing to grow

that willingness you have?
that is enough
you are enough-
more than enough.
Jan 2018 · 752
Poem 6: brine shrimp
Lari Z Jan 2018
they will not live
they do not live
as I stare at the tank,
willing, hoping, praying for motion

they say the third time's the charm
we reassure each other
as we pour the remains away

so many regrets on choosing brine shrimp
my initial joy in the lab goes down the drain
with the dead
brine shrimp
Jan 2018 · 220
Poem 5: cold dream
Lari Z Jan 2018
an immortal of ice
his brother barely human, only human
human enough to love
based off my dream last night..
Jan 2018 · 225
Poem 4: strange dream
Lari Z Jan 2018
She brought in a jar of glowing mushrooms
with an insincere smile, put them down
from them spread a mold, that spread rapidly on the walls
and the house fell...
mold is spelled without a u in my country...;;
Jan 2018 · 329
Poem 2: Poetry
Lari Z Jan 2018
wordy, enlightening
writing, singing, living
speaking true / another point of view
drawing, painting, creating
representation, uplifting
I haven't done one of these in a while.
Jan 2018 · 292
Poem 1: H. M. & Dementia
Lari Z Jan 2018
Do memories make a man?
If who I am is grounded in my experiences,
as I age, do I lose myself?
And if I lose myself,

where do I go?
1 poem a day: I'll try to challenge myself writing some poetry, unedited, every day.

— The End —